Only Family Calendar I use!

by Kristi, for Family Organizer 2017

I found this calendar years ago and have been using it ever since! I have a busy family of 5 and it has a place right on the inside of our pantry door for all of our family members to write their schedules and to see what is planned for the day/week. Has helped me tremendously in keeping my family organized! Love it!

More than just a calendar...

by Tami Pedersen, for Family Organizer 2017

I have been using the Family Organizer since 1998...and I still have every single one of them! They are so much more than a keeper of schedules, to-do's and events...they are a journey of memories, a chronological scrapbook, a travel back in time of 'remember when?'. My kids are no longer living at home, but I still use the Family Organizer and they know exactly where to look if they need to know what's going on in my house...and they are now using them in their own homes! Thank you for such a well-made, well-rounded product that crosses the generations!

My Favoite Calendar by Far

by Michelle, for Family Organizer 2017

I love the fact you can see the whole month at a glance, the space you have to write in for each day, stickers, the little recipes, the extra writing space and so on, just simply the perfect Family Calendar . My husband and kids even love it more than me!

Fantastic !!

by Naya A , for Fridge Calendar 2017

I love this calendar ..keeps my family organized.
My 8 and 6 year old daughters write their schools assignments, projects due date, birthday parties, etc. in here.
I recommend this product to anyone with children and pretty active schedules. Believe me you will love it!

Fantastic aid

by E Young, for Fridge List

I love this - it streamlines my menu planning and grocery shopping. It takes me about an hour a week, and everything is accounted for. Makes my life easier!

Great idea for the family

by Sheena Nielsen , for Family Organizer 2017

I recieved this calendar as a Christmas gift from my mom and absolutely love it. We just had our first baby last Dec, so keeping track of Dr appts, pictures and play dates has been very easy. I recommend it to all families.

A different colour for everyone!

by Karen Harrison, for Chore Charts

I love these colourful chore charts! I assigned a different colour to everyone, even my husband. It's easy when everyone knows what to do and everything gets done and the best thing is that there are no arguments. My kids love putting on the stars when they have completed their tasks for the day and everyone is ready for school in the morning. No more running around. Thanks More Time Moms!

Stay Organized all Year - Remember it!

by Tim , for Family Organizer 2017

My wife and I love your calendars! We've used them since our children were in early elementary school, and now they are in college and high school. Your large spaces for writing help us to keep track of many different events, and your stickers (and their many categories) help us plan ahead.

What a great product!

"Mission Control"

by Carolyn, for Family Organizer 2017

I have been using the Family Organizer for more years than I can remember. It hangs on a bulletin board just outside our kitchen. I refer to the calendar as "Mission Control", because without it, I would be lost! My daughters are 17 and 21 now, and even though we don't have as many swimming lessons, diving lessons, birthday parties, gymnastics lessons, etc., to keep track of these days, I still rely on this calendar to keep us organized. Thank you for such an invaluable resource!


by Irene, for Mom’s Agenda 2017

Dear Trish,

I Love my Mom's Agenda and I buy it every year. I think that the paper is the best quality and it is so easy to write on and it keeps me organized. I just wish it was available in local bookstores or Costco's.



"Fun"Tastic and Practical Roomy Calendar

by Jamie L Versteeg, for Fridge Calendar 2017

This calendar is fun, has plenty of room for a busy families schedules and stickers for fun and easy recognition. I have been using these calendars for about 10 years now.

These Fridge Lists save Family Dinners!

by Karen Jones, for Fridge List

I love using the Fridge List to plan our Family Meals. It's so easy to create menus that the whole family loves and the tear off shopping list is genius. It saves me so much time in the grocery store and it is really well organized by category so I don't waste time in different aisles. I love the new fresh colours too! Thanks More Time Moms for another great product!

6 Years and Counting

by D. Duhon, for Fridge Calendar 2017

Hi - Love your calendar, great help keeping my entire family appointments and events organized.
I was first introduced to your calendar on the "Flylady" website.
6 years and counting. -- LOVE IT

Love at first site!

by Joan, for Family Organizer 2017

I received this Organizer as a gift some ten years ago and have been ordering it for myself ever since. This organizer helped my whole family especially my three super successful teens stay on tract, stay ahead and keep focused. Thank you More Time Moms for what you've done for me!

I absolutely rave about your fridge calendar

by Tanya Valenta, for Fridge Calendar 2017

I have been using more time mom fridge calendars for more than 5 years. I have 2 kids and my hubby. There is more than enough space...I love that I can be so organized with so little time with this calendar. I have raved about it to my friends and now they too have bought a fridge calendar. What an amazing way to keep organized...Thanks for being so creative in making this calendar to fit the needs of working moms like myself that have little time to get everything organized... It makes it a lot easier just saying...

Love this calendar!

by Tammy, for Family Organizer 2017

I have been buying this calendar for years. With five children, it's nice and big so I can include everyone's activities. The kids know to check the calendar for updates, and they love using the stickers.

My go-to calendar every year!

by Shannon Washington, for Fridge Calendar 2017

I have looked at multiple "mom and family calendars" and keep coming back to More Time Mom's. It has the perfect sized boxes for keeping track of everything, and I love love LOVE the fridge calendar -- keeps it front and center at our family command center (yes, sadly, the fridge). Would recommend this calendar to anyone looking to keep track of everyone's going-ons.

MTM Fridge Calendar

by Regena, for Fridge Calendar 2017

I used to get the original until my fridge changed. Love them both...can't imagine life without a MTM cal on my fridge.
Been getting once since they have been made. Best cal ever

The Gift that keeps us organized

by Wendy Hintze, for Family Organizer 2017

When I found this calendar I felt like I'd found gold. With the large spaces, the graphics, the spiral binding, and especially ERASABLE quality paper, this calendar has been serving our family since.....about 1993? (Something like that. If I went down to our basement I could find out for sure!) Not only does it service us each year with dates, but it also serves as a record of our important (and unimportant) family events, appointments, and reminders With the large spaces, we also log our miles on it when we drive for charitable events. (Helps at tax time!) Even though our children have left the nest, I order a calendar for myself and for each of my children's family who now have children and busy lives of their own now. And they swear by it also. I hate to think of a time when these calendars would not be available!!! Keep on keepin' on!

Best Planner Ever

by Stephanie Rivers, for Mom’s Agenda 2017

I have used this planner for six years now. It is amazing. It firs in my purse and gives me the whole month at a glance plus weekly sheets that I usually use to keep notes on. I started with your bigger mom calendar, but this one is perfect for my busy lifestyle. Thank you for such a wonderful tool!!!