None Better than More Time Moms!!

by Linda Donath-Sheahan, for Fridge Calendar 2018

I had to go check my archives for my More Time Moms FamilyCalendar -- 5 years, that's half a decade this wonderfully designed piece has been a necessity in our lives. I have always bought multiples so that my daughters could each have one. Now that my oldest is a Mom herself, she beat me to it and ordered her own calendar this year. The tradition continues! Thanks for a great product and a delightful staff. Count me a loyal customer!!
Best wishes!!

LOVE this calendar...repeat customer year-after-year

by TangerineLime, for Family Organizer 2018

This calendar, year-after-year, has kept our family organized and in-the-know. I rarely am asked "what's going on today?" because I fill up this calendar with everyone's activities, appointments and plans. There's no more guesswork.

LOVE this calendar!

by debrye, for Family Organizer 2018

I have been buying the MTM calendar for 5 years now and I just love it! 3 kids + 1 husband = lots of schedules to keep track of! The large boxes are perfect. The stickers are great because certain things to pop out.

Hooked on Calendar

by Sherwood Wile, for Family Organizer 2018

This is the best calendar I have ever used with all kinds of sticker for various events at a glance, a happy format throughout its many pages. This calendar is a 16 month calendar rather than a twelve month,

Big Calendar

by Rosa Nickerson, for Family Organizer 2018

I bought this calendar mid-January of this year, It is excellent. I love how big the boxes for each day are. There is so much room to write in them. That is by far the best feature of this calendar. The monthly quotes are nice. I am definitely going to buy it again.

Mom's great Calendar

by Woody Wile, for Note pad

I stumbled onto a great calendar that exceeds my exceptions and I am hooked on it.

I order 10 calendars every year:)

by Karen Roche, for Family Organizer 2018

I have been using this calendar and giving it to family members for holiday gifts, as well. One Christmas I was late ordering these calendars and they were all so afraid they would have to go without.
Love the stickers. Love the organization and the space for writing. I only wish that the graphics were left in black and white so my grand children could color them in or so could easily design and cover with my own graphic stickers for the month!

It's Got A Pocket!

by Suzanne Watts, for Family Organizer 2018

I love the pocket! Especially for party invitations and sport/club handouts. I can record the time and place on my calendar, then place the invitation in the pocket for easy reference to the address or other info when I am leaving the house for the event. My husband and two high school sons all know this is the central all-encompassing calendar for our family, with squares big enough to hold everyone's scheduled events. Thank you!

BEST Calendar I've found

by Traci H., for Mom’s Agenda 2018

I love the large writing area and the opaque paper is perfect, fits nicely in my purse and is my lifeline!!! I've been buying every year for 9 years now and plan to buy for many many more!

Almost perfect

by Sue Arlinghaus, for Family Organizer 2018

I have used this calendar to keep my 7 member family's schedule organized for years. I love the big daily blocks and the paper. If I use a pencil, I can erase! No glossy paper mess here. I keep each year's calendar as a reminder of what we did each year. My only complaint is the calendar starts in September. I like putting my entire school year on one calendar and our school activities start in August.

Only Family Calendar I use!

by Kristi, for Family Organizer 2018

I found this calendar years ago and have been using it ever since! I have a busy family of 5 and it has a place right on the inside of our pantry door for all of our family members to write their schedules and to see what is planned for the day/week. Has helped me tremendously in keeping my family organized! Love it!

More than just a calendar...

by Tami Pedersen, for Family Organizer 2018

I have been using the Family Organizer since 1998...and I still have every single one of them! They are so much more than a keeper of schedules, to-do's and events...they are a journey of memories, a chronological scrapbook, a travel back in time of 'remember when?'. My kids are no longer living at home, but I still use the Family Organizer and they know exactly where to look if they need to know what's going on in my house...and they are now using them in their own homes! Thank you for such a well-made, well-rounded product that crosses the generations!

My Favoite Calendar by Far

by Michelle, for Family Organizer 2018

I love the fact you can see the whole month at a glance, the space you have to write in for each day, stickers, the little recipes, the extra writing space and so on, just simply the perfect Family Calendar . My husband and kids even love it more than me!

Fantastic !!

by Naya A , for Fridge Calendar 2018

I love this calendar ..keeps my family organized.
My 8 and 6 year old daughters write their schools assignments, projects due date, birthday parties, etc. in here.
I recommend this product to anyone with children and pretty active schedules. Believe me you will love it!

Fantastic aid

by E Young, for Fridge List

I love this - it streamlines my menu planning and grocery shopping. It takes me about an hour a week, and everything is accounted for. Makes my life easier!

Great idea for the family

by Sheena Nielsen , for Family Organizer 2018

I recieved this calendar as a Christmas gift from my mom and absolutely love it. We just had our first baby last Dec, so keeping track of Dr appts, pictures and play dates has been very easy. I recommend it to all families.

A different colour for everyone!

by Karen Harrison, for Chore Charts

I love these colourful chore charts! I assigned a different colour to everyone, even my husband. It's easy when everyone knows what to do and everything gets done and the best thing is that there are no arguments. My kids love putting on the stars when they have completed their tasks for the day and everyone is ready for school in the morning. No more running around. Thanks More Time Moms!

Stay Organized all Year - Remember it!

by Tim , for Family Organizer 2018

My wife and I love your calendars! We've used them since our children were in early elementary school, and now they are in college and high school. Your large spaces for writing help us to keep track of many different events, and your stickers (and their many categories) help us plan ahead.

What a great product!

"Mission Control"

by Carolyn, for Family Organizer 2018

I have been using the Family Organizer for more years than I can remember. It hangs on a bulletin board just outside our kitchen. I refer to the calendar as "Mission Control", because without it, I would be lost! My daughters are 17 and 21 now, and even though we don't have as many swimming lessons, diving lessons, birthday parties, gymnastics lessons, etc., to keep track of these days, I still rely on this calendar to keep us organized. Thank you for such an invaluable resource!


by Irene, for Mom’s Agenda 2018

Dear Trish,

I Love my Mom's Agenda and I buy it every year. I think that the paper is the best quality and it is so easy to write on and it keeps me organized. I just wish it was available in local bookstores or Costco's.