Fridge Calendar 2016

ISBN # 978-1-926644-56-1

Magnetic Calendar, Fridge Calendar, Magnetic Family Large Grid
10th Edition—16 Months: Sept 2015 to Dec 2016
NEW! 546 appointment, event & reward family stickers
Tear away pad, 13.5" x 16" sheets

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Fits standard and side by side fridges. The More Time Moms® Fridge Calendar is basically the original and bestselling Family Organizer® adapted for the fridge. It is ideal for families who like to use the refrigerator as command central and for smaller families. The Fridge Calendar will clear the clutter from your refrigerator and bring a sense of calm and order to your space. It is a very fun way for everyone to keep track of the family's comings and goings, and it makes a great desk pad too. Albert's illustrations are sure to bring a smile to your face and inspire the family to spend more time together.


Insider you will find

  • 16 very happy pages
  • NEW! 357 More Time Moms appointment & reminder stickers
  • NEW! 189 star stickers to track chores & challenges
  • Strong magnets to hold the calendar to the fridge
  • Bigger than average squares 1.75" x 2.5"
  • MTM recipes, Inspirational quotes, Moon phases, To-do lists
  • Fits both standard and side by side refrigerators
  • High quality opaque erasable paper

What customers thought

Fantastic !!

by Naya A

I love this calendar ..keeps my family organized.
My 8 and 6 year old daughters write their schools assignments, projects due date, birthday parties, etc. in here.
I recommend this product to anyone with children and pretty active schedules. Believe me you will love it!

6 Years and Counting

by D. Duhon

Hi - Love your calendar, great help keeping my entire family appointments and events organized.
I was first introduced to your calendar on the "Flylady" website.
6 years and counting. -- LOVE IT

My go-to calendar every year!

by Shannon Washington

I have looked at multiple "mom and family calendars" and keep coming back to More Time Mom's. It has the perfect sized boxes for keeping track of everything, and I love love LOVE the fridge calendar -- keeps it front and center at our family command center (yes, sadly, the fridge). Would recommend this calendar to anyone looking to keep track of everyone's going-ons.

MTM Fridge Calendar

by Regena

I used to get the original until my fridge changed. Love them both...can't imagine life without a MTM cal on my fridge.
Been getting once since they have been made. Best cal ever

I cannot thank you enough for your calendar!

by Susan Ott

I went on your website today for the first time, and I wanted to add my positive review for others to read:

As a stay-at-home mom of 3 young boys and the wife of a busy husband, I cannot thank you enough for your calendar! I bought my first one this year (2008) when it caught my eye in a calendar store. I have been THRILLED to finally have a calendar that has spaces big enough to fit all of our family's activities. From snack duty for preschool, to field trips, haircuts, and even when library books are due, IT ALL FITS!!! I am a visual list- maker, so having it on my fridge helps me stay organized on a daily basis, and I will never be without your calendar again--THANK YOU!

Keep up the awesome work!

by Shannon Wilson

Hi there Joanne;

I was given the Fridge Notes Calendar as a Christmas gift last year and I LOVE it!

I usually received your Family Organizer Wall Calendar, which is also awesome; but now I have a little 2 year old who loves to be involved with everything Mommy and Daddy do. Having said that, at the end of each month we plan out for the next and she places all of the stickers in their respectful places. She loves the stickers and she loves the involvement of household planning.

I find the large squares just perfect for writing down everything from chores to appointments and bill payments. I love that it's right there on the fridge so there is no way to miss it.

In fact recently I have started using it for something totally new. If my little girl does something which is worth rewarding, good listening, use of manners, etc. she gets to place a special sticker (Tinker Bell stickers) on the square of the day. If she gets so many in a day we get an extra story at bedtime or maybe an extra special dessert.

Needless to say I absolutely LOVE this product.. (not to mention all of the others) It makes my daily life much more organized and the whole family can be involved and have fun at the same time.

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