10 Inexpensive Hacks For Remodelling Your Home

Home renovations are stressful, time-consuming, and tend to get out of hand, budget-wise. No matter how organized you are, things always seem to happen to blow you off course. Especially if you’re the DIY type, and you want to tackle a reno project on your own. But a renovation project doesn’t have to mean lengthy and complicated projects with an ever-expanding price tag. Make it easier on yourself with these quick and cheap renovation hacks to update, brighten, and even add resale value to your family home! 

Do This First

Before you embark on any remodeling journey, take a critical look at the things that occupy the area you want to change. When you have a lot of unnecessary clutter, you should deal with that first. Moreover, you need to develop good organizational habits to make sure your house stays looking fresh and comfortable. An important first step is to apply this excellent KonMari Checklist to any room you want to tackle. This way you’ll create a clean slate and a healthy base for your revamping project.

1. A Quick Paint Job

The fastest and easiest way to brighten up your space is with a fresh coat of paint. It’s a quick, cheap way to update your look. For a modern take, try neutral tones with a bright accent wall. Experimenting with paint colors is one of the most cost-effective ways of updating your space, so take some time and test things out! 

2. DIY Stair Runner

It can cost a lot to carpet slippery wooden stairs. But installing your own runners can be an easy, cost-effective way to update your stairs. Visit a local Home Sense or hardware store and look for some woven runners, long enough to cover your stairs. They should be easy installs with metal studs. It’s a great quick and easy fix for an otherwise expensive remodel. 

3. Re-stain Your Flooring

If you’ve got laminated or hardwood floors, a splash of new color on the floor can really change the look. Re-staining in a new color, or choosing new laminate, is a lot cheaper than pulling up wooden flooring. If you’ve got carpets, pull them up. You might be pleasantly surprised about what is underneath. Sometimes, with a little sanding and re-staining, you can get a beautiful new floor with just a little work. 

4. Clean Your Carpets (And Other Flooring)

If you’d rather keep the carpets, you’d be surprised how different they look after a good deep clean. Hire some professional steam cleaners to help you get rid of stains, dust, allergens, and discoloration. With a healthier, cleaner carpet, your rooms will get back the cozy, family-friendly feel you’ve been missing. Whichever type of flooring you have, having a good deep cleansing will be a quick way to refresh a large part of your home. Whether you’re cleaning tiles, carpet or wood, you’ll be surprised how much you have grown accustomed to the dirty, lackluster appearance over the years. And what a brilliant improvement a good “scrub” can achieve.

5. Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Getting new kitchen cabinets is an expensive undertaking. You can save yourself a lot of money by re-staining or painting cabinets instead, adding a splash of color or a whole new look. You can even swap out the hardware. Replacing cabinet door handles is a lot cheaper than buying and installing a whole new cabinet, and swapping out your fixtures is as simple as unscrewing the old, and screwing in the new. You can even paint the new fixtures with metallic paints in gold, silver, or brass to give it a whole new shine, for a truly customized look. 

6. Update Faucets and Install a Water Filter

New faucets aren’t an expensive fix. Swapping the old for the new is a snap for a good plumber, but the time involved can make things intimidating. And you can make all kinds of great changes to your family and home, which will increase the resale value later. Consider adding a water filter so that you can skip the bottled water. Save money on your water bill with a low-flow faucet. Talk to plumbers in the area about what can and should be done in your home, and the updates you need to make. Changing out faucets and fixtures is a simple way to update your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as modernizing and keeping your home more efficient. 

7. Update Your Garden

Renovations aren’t just about what’s inside the home. To really improve the look of your home, go for some curb appeal. Do some landscaping, and plant a new garden. Using perennials is an excellent idea if you haven’t got a green thumb since the flowers will grow back year after year. Spending time on your yard or garden can boost your curb appeal and keep your home looking well cared for. 

8. Update Your Entryway

To go further in your curb appeal, consider updating your entryway. Use potted plants and stylish outdoor lighting. A letterbox is a great addition, and refinishing the door can give you a new look, while also helping to keep heat and cool air inside in all weathers. Save yourself some money by using upcycled materials and some smart repainting. If you’re good at DIY, you might even want to create your own furniture! 

9. Replace Some Lighting

One of the most effective ways of changing the look of your home is to experiment with some new lighting. Try some wall sconces, or check out the local antique stores and second-hand furniture places for vintage lamps and chandeliers. The right lighting can set the mood for your whole home. For the warm, welcoming look you’ve always dreamed of, spend some time updating your lighting. And to spare your energy bill, consider a ceiling fan to cover your lighting needs. It helps circulate air and keeps your home cooler in summer, saving you a bundle on air conditioning! 

10. Reorganize

New shelving is a quick, easy update for any home. Adding in new storage space can help your home feel less cluttered. That’s bound to help you keep your sanity during the renovation and after! Install some hanging pot racks in the kitchen and hanging shelves in the bathrooms. Add a wooden dowel to your closets to create an extra hanging rack. Shelves are easy to build yourself and inexpensive to install. And you’d be surprised at how much organizing your space can change the look and feel of your home!

Renovation is never exactly cheap, and hardly easy. But there are quick fixes and inexpensive tricks you can use when you want to make a significant change, on a tiny budget. Brighten up your home with a great new look without tearing the place apart or taking too much of your time and money to get the look you want. These tips can save your home, your budget, and your sanity! 

By Ken Hyden

I’m Ken Hyden. avid tech geek, charming introvert and kim-chi enthusiast. I founded the popular Bestseekers.com, and in my ample free time I play board games, race my dog and daughter (they beat me every. single. time.) and devour superhero comics.

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