10 Summer Boredom Busters


By now, the excitement of summer holidays may have worn off and you might find your kids wandering through the house muttering that they are bored. Don’t worry – it’s not your fault. Apparently it’s quite a common condition that’s bound to afflict your offspring at some point during the summer. To help ease their pain (and especially yours), I’ve compiled a variety of summer boredom busters for times such as these. . .

1. The Mom, I’m Bored” jar is perfect for when kids are at a complete loss for ideas! Find a large jar, label it, and then fill with a bunch of ideas for activities. The clincher is, when kids dip into the jar, they may come up with a chore or two – definitely making them think twice before coming to you whining!

2. On warm days, entertain your little artists and keep cool with ice chalk. It’s a fun, sensory experience that’s a hit with all ages. Mix up sidewalk paint with cornstarch, water and food colouring, then pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze.

3. Entrepreneurial spirits will love to make money and do some serious business by having their very own sale. It could be a yard sale, vegetable or lemonade stand, or even a car and/or dog wash. Kids can make signs advertising their business and you can help them set up shop on the sidewalk.

4. Make a movie or put on a play. Have kids use their favourite device to film their family and friends in a scripted story, or ditch the screen completely and opt for a classic, backyard theatre production, complete with costumes and a makeshift stage.

5. For a fascinating science experiment and tasty treat all-in-one, kids can grow rock candy! It’s easy and will totally grab your kids’ interest. Follow the simple tutorial and in no time, the crystals will begin growing before your very eyes.

6. Try a DYI water toy. The Water Blob provides hours of great backyard fun, especially for toddlers. They can lie on it, jump on it and just wriggle around. Add a sprinkler and you’ve got a big, puffy slip-and-slide.

7. Some creative activities for teens and pre-teens include creating a treasure hunt with clues for parents and/or siblings, baking cookies, tie-dying shirts, training a pet, creating an art journal and more.

8. Beat boredom while on a budgetvisit your local dollar store. Hula hoops, baskets, pool noodles, art supplies and so much more can be used to create cool games, forts, and obstacle courses.

9. Head out on a simple summer field trip. Tour a local nature centre, spend time at the library, take a picnic to a lake or park, shop at a nearby farmers’ market, go to a museum, or visit a neighbouring town.

10. Throw a party and celebrate – it’s summer after all! Kids can do everything from compiling a list of attendees, making homemade invitations, preparing snacks, and providing entertainment. Who knows? They could be entertained for a week with the planning alone!

FYI: This list is KID-APPROVED!

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