4 Home Projects to Upgrade Your Kids Summer Fun

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Summer break is one of the most important times of the year for a family. It’s a time for vacations and activities, one in which kids have time off and parents do their best to keep their children entertained. However, while any old videogame can keep your kids entertained, certain outdoor upgrades can encourage your children to have healthier lifestyles and spend more time outside with friends. If you’re looking for a great way to make the most of your kids’ break, you may consider taking on one of the four projects described below.

Tree Fort

Few things scream summer fun more loudly than a tree fort. If you think about it, tree forts really combine all the best parts of summer – they’re an outdoor activity, a place to have a bit of solitude, and a great project to spend time building. The effort of climbing into a tree fort is great for your child’s arm muscles and grip development, as well as providing a designated play space for social play and creative thinking.

Swing Set

Children of all ages can enjoy the fun of a swing set in the yard. Just like what they’d find on the local playground, swing sets are quick to assemble but they can provide countless hours of fun. They provide a place to be alone with your thoughts, and encouragement for group play. Swinging also is incredibly helpful for the development of your child’s leg and core muscles. The effort of swinging back and forth may seem minimal, but the rewards to your child’s health and social development are phenomenal.


The trampoline is another major summertime hit. It’s a great tool for getting out energy and playing with friends, and it provides that extra bit of outdoor fun needed to encourage some kids to get off the couch. They also are great for encouraging strong bone development, as the effort of fighting gravity to jump tell the body to fortify the bone structure further (the opposite of what happens in the weightlessness of space.) If you’re concerned about the safety element of trampolines, consider getting a net installed around the edge to help keep the kids from feeling tempted to jump from the platform to the ground. 


Pool construction can feel like a bit of an undertaking, but it’s something that can pay off huge dividends as the years go by. Having your pool is not only a great thing for this summer, but also for every summer to come. Having a pool encourages your kids to stay close to home, to invite their friends over, and to spend more time exercising outdoors. Swimming in a pool is an excellent way for children to forge strong muscle development and better motor skills. Swimming also helps with lung strength and breathing control, essential for good lifelong health. If you have younger children, installing a fence around the perimeter can help ensure that swimming takes place only in supervised times to prevent accidents.

The key to summer fun is finding things to do outside. If you can add these upgrades, you’ll be sure to not only get your kids out of the house but to keep them nearby. These projects will help you to create a fun and safe space for your kids to enjoy all summer long.

By Meghan Belnap

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