4 Tips for Redesigning a Crowded Family Bathroom


When several people are living in the same home, the powder room is a popular spot. If there are only one or two baths in the house, then it may be a struggle for everyone to get ready at the same time. This blog talks about four ways to improve the bathroom to make it more usable for everyone.

Use a floating vanity with lots of counter space

Morning routines include plenty of brushes, curling irons, styling products, and makeup. To ensure that everyone has a place to put his or her things, it is important to install a large counter. Each person can have a designated area to put belongings, and it does not limit the space in the busy rush to get out the door.

Upgrade the mirror to a larger version

Just like needing more space for items, the mirror should be big. Using an item that is large enough for short and tall members to use simultaneously is ideal. Not only does a big mirror make space for more people to get ready at the same time, but it also makes the room look bigger. Little ones can stand in front of mom and dad so that they can reach the faucets and things like toothbrushes. Parents will have the room they need to get ready at the same time as the kids.

Create a niche for bath products

A custom shelving unit is an excellent way to add more space for bath items like shampoo, soaps, and linens. A bathroom remodeling company can help homeowners choose the best location depending on the plumbing to make accessing the items easiest. Plus, they can create a custom design that ties the entire room together.

Create zones allowing more than one person to use the room at the same time

By separating the toilet from the tub or shower, two people can use the room at the same time. With the vanity in a spot of its own, there is no bumping elbows or getting wet as someone exits the shower. A full enclosure or half wall design are two options to create designated bath spaces. Another idea is to install new lights to make the room easier to navigate when several people are using it.

Making your bathroom a space the whole family can use and love is easy with the right tips. These ideas can help you create a design that is welcoming and spacious enough no matter how large the family. Another idea is to install new lights to make the room easier to navigate when several people are using it.

By Emma Sturgis

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