4 Ways to Make Clean Up Easy After a Home Renovation

Almost as soon as your home renovation began, you may have quickly realized how messy this project would be. A renovation is a major construction project that typically includes removing existing fixtures and features and replacing them with new materials. Through the process of replacing these materials, applying finishes and making other improvements, you can generate a huge mess. You cannot fully enjoy the results of a home renovation until the cleanup process is completed. These are a few of the easier ways to tackle a major cleanup project in your home.

Clean as You Go

Regardless of whether you are doing all of the renovation work yourself or you have hired a crew, you can and should clean as you go. A professional crew may clean up their mess each day before leaving. If you have not hired a crew yet, ensure that they provide this service. If you are doing work yourself, walk through the work area to remove waste after each session is completed. This prevents waste from piling up and becoming unmanageable.

Rent a Skip Bin

Removing even a single wall or ripping out existing flooring will produce piles of waste that you understandably do not have space for. Some people initially pile waste in their garage, but this is impractical and is only a short-term solution. Because curbside waste removal usually will not pick up huge volumes of waste, renting a skip bin is a smart idea.

Invest in Cleaning Equipment

A broom, dustpan, bucket and mop can go a long way toward keeping your work area clean and are essential items needed for final cleanup at the end of the project. However, the amount of dust and debris found across all surfaces in the home can be amazing. You may need to invest in a high-quality vacuum, wet vac and steam cleaner to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew

An alternative to cleaning the area yourself is to hire a professional cleaning crew. Some cleaning companies specialize in this type of project. They understand that construction dust can land on baseboards, windowsills, light fixtures, picture frames and other surfaces that may not typically be cleaned with general cleaning services.

You do not want the mess from a renovation to grow uncontrollably, so cleaning as you go is essential. Even when you take this approach, you also need thorough final cleanup at the end of the project. Therefore, consider applying some or all of these tips to meet all of your cleaning needs during and after a renovation.

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