5 Programs Parents Can Use to Support Their Child’s Education

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As a parent, you have the responsibility to support your child as they navigate through different seasons in life. The education space continues to change every day, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and technological advances. Parents have had to adjust to home-schooling their children while still juggling their 9-5 jobs. Striking a balance at this time might be hard. However, you can still find useful programs that can support your child’s education and increase their chances of success. Here are five useful programs that can help improve your child’s education.

Enroll them in a second language course

The world is increasingly becoming globalized, and knowing a second language will provide multiple opportunities for your children. Not only does learning a second language improve problem-solving skills, but it also enhances your child’s creativity and boosts their memory. Children are naturally able to master multiple languages from around two years. Since learning should be tailored to your child’s needs, you can decide to either enroll them for an online course or have a tutor come in a few days a week. As young children naturally absorb what they hear, you can support your child to master what they learned by incorporating new words during playtime.

Watch Educational TV Shows

Many parents are wary of screen time due to the perceived harmful effects it has on young children’s brains. Without the TV, many children would never see exciting things like foreign animals, different cultures, and far-off cities. With proper guidance, children can learn many things from watching TV. You can focus on shows that offer foundational content such as learning ABC’s. Educational TV shows can also give your child a head start as they will be ahead of their peers when they enroll in preschool. When your children watch shows that promote good values such as healthy living, they are more likely to grow into responsible and well-rounded adults.

Sign up for a customized learning program

One of the disadvantages of attending a regular school is that most curriculums have a one size fits all approach to learning. This often comes at the detriment of gifted children who need to learn differently. In a class of thirty students, you might find a child who applies mathematical principles to everything, while a creative will want to use images when trying to grasp a concept. Enrolling your child in an individualized learning program like an online math enrichment class will motivate them to learn and master new concepts.

Engage in outdoor activities and games

Learning outdoors is not only a great way of developing your child’s social skills, but it can also lead to reduced stress levels and better cognitive abilities. The classroom approach taken by most schools may curtail children’s creative skills. Children learn best through play. You will be surprised by how much learning takes place when your child interacts with nature. During the pandemic, many schools have had to think about new ways to teach because of government regulations. Countries such as Denmark are leading the way by embracing outdoor learning, with this nature-based system of learning also catching on in the US. Outdoor schooling has been proven to be one of the best methods of learning for highly motivated children.

Use Ed-tech Apps

Technology continues to shape how our children learn by introducing new ways of studying and interacting with each other. Most schools have had to shift their classes online after governments issued stay home measures because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Children have continued to learn amidst the pandemic thanks to apps such as Google Classroom and Zoom. There are also tons of fun educational content on YouTube Kids, which also provides a safe learning environment where kids can explore on their own. Older kids can learn new graphic design skills from apps such as Canva that are free and easy to use.

As you continuously work towards securing your children’s future by providing them with a good education, you should remember that your child is unique. What worked for one parent may not work for you. It is important to do your research so that you are aware of what learning program best fits your child. This will alleviate the pressure to learn and succeed from both you and your child.

By Samantha Higgins

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