7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom


As a mother, you want to give your child the best. Big, healthy meals, nice clothes, and the most love you can give them are just a few of the essentials. However, you also want to give them the best of everything; this includes giving them the best bedroom you can. 

You don’t want your child to have just any catalog bedroom, though. Instead, you want their room to be unique – just like them! To help you find the best choices for your child’s bedroom, here are seven creative ways to help you decorate your child’s bedroom.

1. Pick a Theme

One idea is to start with  a theme for your child’s room. When you are choosing a theme, think of your child’s interests. For instance, you could choose a marine theme which would be perfect for a child that loves the beach. With this theme, you could paint whales on the wall and choose furniture – such as a ring buoy – that matches your theme.

2. Painting Ideas

Don’t be afraid to get creative when you are painting your child’s room either. When most of us set out to paint a room, we go for the standard solid colored wall. Unfortunately, while this is easy, it can be rather boring. Instead, consider a more interesting paint job. At the most basic level, you could provide an accent wall or a simple pattern such as stripes. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could always try painting a picture or more intricate pattern. 

3. Wall Blackboard Drawings

If there’s one thing that all kids seem to love to do is to draw on the walls. Normally, this would be a mess and require a lot of scrubbing and some frustration at the very least. An interesting solution to this, though, is to turn one of your child’s walls into a blackboard. 

For this, you will only need to purchase special chalkboard paint. Then, you can simply use any chalk to draw on the walls and wipe it off like you would a regular chalkboard. Remember, though, you will want to sand the wall before you paint it for this purpose. This way, your chalkboard will be smooth and easy to write on. 

4. Wall Stickers

A creative idea that is inexpensive is wall stickers. These come in a variety of ideas. You can get them personalized, for instance, with pictures of your child or your family in place of boring old picture frames. On the other hand, you can get wall stickers that match your child’s interests. If you are worried about this being a permanent decision, don’t be! Wall stickers aren’t made the same way that the stickers you might put on a notebook are. In fact, most of these stickers are made for easy removal.

5. Get Creative with Storage

Another thing you will want to do is to get creative with storage. Not only will this make a room look nicer, it will also help you to keep your child’s room clean and organized. There are a couple different ways that you can do this. One idea is to build shelves into a desk. This way, you have a place to put things and it fits in seamlessly with a place for your child to work, draw, or study for school. Don’t be afraid to get even more creative, though, when you are coming up with storage ideas. 

6. DIY Shelf

You can also create your own storage in a child’s bedroom by making your own shelves. Even if you aren’t too familiar with building your own furniture pieces, this DIY is pretty simple. 

One of the easiest ways to create shelves in your child’s room is to repurpose old, wooden crates. By turning these sideways so that the opening faces outward and stacking them, you have an easy and unique bookshelf.  If you don’t like the look of the bare wood, though, you can change that. By painting or refinishing these crates, you can get a look that is personalized to fit your child’s room. You can also nail these crates together if you want a sturdier stack of shelves but leaving them stacked and easy to move is a viable option as well. 

7. Tent

For a fun and playful addition to your child’s room, you can always add a tent. The easiest type of tent to add is a teepee – it’s both easy to find online if you want to buy one and simple to create if you want to make one. This is a great idea for children who love to play pretend and it creates a sweet reading nook or a quiet place to go to regroup or have a little nap. 


By: Annabelle Carter Short is a freelance writer and a seamstress of more than 5 years. She is a craft lover and would like to start online Arts & Crafts business one day. Annabelle is a mother and she loves making crafts with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). When not working, she’s spending time with her family or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. Annabelle writes for several online publications and magazines















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