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It’s a Staycation for us this year!

The home-based vacation — also known as a “staycation” — can be a great alternative to an expensive trip, assuming you plan it well and really treat it as a true vacation. This is our year for it with impending braces for our oldest, gas prices increasing and air travel costs rising. The falling dollar makes even cross-border travel less appealing. The big savings from a Staycation are transportation costs and lodging, but there are others.

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Summer Reads for Boys

I just love reading and ever since I had boys I realized that they were interested in other topics than girls and that to ignite their passion for reading might be a bit of a challenge. From early on, my oldest son was attracted to real stories about actual things rather than the typical fairy tales and Disney books that my friends’ daughters were so enthralled with.

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Welcome to More Time Moms Musings

Welcome to MTM’s first blog. We have been encouraged to take this on by many parents and friends who say that they struggle with everyday issues and ask us to share where we are at in our efforts to meet the daily challenges of parenting.

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