Enviro Tips for Families to Focus on


Every year we publish Enviro-Tips in our bestselling Student Organizer. This year in honour of Earth Day, we are happy to share our tips for every month. Encourage the family to practice these and other tips to help save our planet.

Jan: Use a reusable mug. The key is to get one that is dishwasher safe without a handle. They are less awkward to pick up, easier to transport and take less room in a back pack.

Feb: Get rid of air fresheners. They are highly, highly toxic, and have been banned in most European countries. Opt for a more natural option or make your own.

March: Choose to Reuse! Curb use of disposables. Save more trees and keep plastics and styrofoam out of the landfills by using less throwaway utensils and containers.

April: Host a clothing swap event. Ask people to bring clothes and for every item they get a token. Then they shop and “purchase” one item with each token. Everyone can leave with something new. Donate the leftovers.

May: Embrace energy-saving computer settings. Keep your screen saver on black, close your laptop cover when you’re not using it to preserve power and let your monitor sleep after 10 minutes without use.

June: Cut back on snack waste.  The week before a big exam, make a trip to the grocery store to pick up study snacks like nuts or dried fruit in bulk. Package up smaller portions and store in a reusable container.

July: Meatless Mondays and so on…. Eat meat less often. The livestock industry generates more greenhouse gasses than planes, trains and automobiles. Go vegetarian once a week or opt for grass-fed meat over corn-fed meat.

August: Try out your green thumb. Plants can give your dorm room a green glow and create a calming environment for students. Try nurturing a dwarf lemon tree, aloe vera, or cacti.

September: Turn in assignments online. If your professor allows it, turn in assignments online to cut back on your paper consumption.

October: Change your lightbulbs. Switch out the lightbulbs in your desk lamp to eco-friendly versions called compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

November: Switch from tissues to handkerchiefs. Got the sniffles in class, a sneeze or a cough? Boom: Be the classy girl with a handkerchief. People might be intimidated by how much you have it together.

December: Share Love. Be nice to everyone. Be tolerant and patient and kind. Practice gratitude.

BONUS: Get a Great Workout While Gardening Sustainably: Replacing gas and water guzzling equipment with traditional tools is a great way to work up a sweat while creating a beautiful, sustainable space around your home:

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