How to De-Stress This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a joyful time for individuals and families across the globe. Though it’s a cheerful time to spend with family and friends, it can also bring on a lot of stress. From trying to figure out travel plans to managing your finances and figuring out what to gift your loved ones, the stress can really start to pile up. Self-care is important for mamas, but it’s especially important to follow through during the holidays! The tips below can help you find different ways to destress and survive the holidays this season. 

1. Take Daily Walks 

There have been tons of studies that have shown walks to be one of the best ways to relieve stress and boost our moods. Even just 10 minutes of walking can get help get rid of negative feelings and leave room for happy ones. Walks are especially great during the holidays because it’s a way to spend some quality time with your family and friends while still getting some exercise in. Try a new route each day or go on a nearby trail to switch it up. Don’t forget to wear proper walking shoes and grab your down jackets so you stay cozy and comfortable during your holiday stroll. 

2. Meditate Each Day

Bringing mindfulness into your daily routine is an easy way to bring a sense of calm and peace into your life and help minimize feelings of stress. Starting your day off with a simple, calm and distraction-free meditation can help get your day started off on the right foot—something all can benefit from during the holiday season! If you’re new to meditation, try guided meditation and place your focus on your breath. Even just 5 minutes of meditation a day can help keep you grounded so you’re ready to tackle the day ahead with ease. 

3. Practice Yoga

Yoga is another mindfulness practice that can help relieve stress and make room for feelings of peace and tranquility. Whether you take a class at a yoga studio or watch a video on YouTube, there’s a flow that can fit your needs and your skill level. When you get on the mat, allow yourself to release the stress and tension in your body. Even just 15 minutes of yoga can help you feel more present in your daily life so you can truly enjoy the holiday season. 

The holidays are so busy and it can sometimes feel impossible to juggle your mama duties while still practicing self-care—but it can be done! For more tips on how you can relieve stress and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, follow the rest of the tips in the infographic guide below: 


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