How to Get Prepared For Your First Yard Sale

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Garage sales are the fastest and quickest way to make cash. They are an opportunity to get rid of old stuff that you no longer use or need. However, getting rid of sentimental items or putting a price on them is not easy. So, where do you even start?

Plan in Advance

Planning for a yard sale can not happen overnight. About a million things need to be put in order first. Giving yourself more than enough time to plan for the sale allows you to make clear and concise decisions without the last-minute rush.

Planning also helps you check out the competition and experience how they handle their sales, what they sell, and their selling price. Give yourself about a month or two for preparation before setting a date for your yard sale. 

Pro-tip: set the date on the first weekend of the month when most people have been paid and have more spending cash.

Set a Goal for the Sale

Before you even decide to host a garage sale, determine why you need the money. You need to know if the money is going to charity, supplementing your income, or helping you cover some of your bills. Having a clear goal will help you stay motivated toward your cause.

If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy, Get Rid of It

One way to determine what to sell is by going through all your stuff and deciding which one stays and goes. But this is easier said than done. So we have a simple way to do it. Pick up an item; if it doesn’t fit you, if it’s old and worn, or if you haven’t used it in three months, then it’s garage sale material.

Package every item you plan to sell into boxes or sacs and store them away in an unused room or garage. It would also help if you categorized the items into different packages, which would help you price them later on.

Price Your Items

Price all your sellable items as you pack them. Use cheap price tags to minimize the cost of hosting the yard sale. You can also decide to be creative and make them at home. It would help if you had masking tape and a sharpie or cut up a brown paper bag into tag-sized shapes. Ensure your tags are clear and visible to encourage people to look.

Remember to be objective as you price your items. Call in a third party to help you through the process. A customer might not relate to the sentimental value of your once-favorite shirt. 

Everything is at a throwaway price in a garage sale, and that’s precisely what your potential customers expect. If your strategy is setting a high price and expecting people to haggle with you for it, then you might come out empty-handed because some people won’t bother.


Advertise Your Sale

Whether it’s by hanging posters, posting ads on your social media platforms, or using sites such as Craigslist, advertising informs your market of the sale. Make it straightforward by telling them the date, time, and address. Remember to include the forms of payment accepted on that day so that they come prepared for it.

Some municipalities have laws and regulations about yard sales which requires you to have a permit. Do your research and find out whether your city needs anything of you before you begin selling. If they do, get the permit in advance to prevent a fine or getting on the wrong side of the law.

Ready All Your Essentials

After weeks of planning, don’t forget to gather all your necessities. Some essential items include tables, chairs, calculators, cover cloths, receipt books, pens, etc. Making your items presentable will go a long way in attracting customers to your table. 

Using heavy duty tarps as covers for your table helps you organize and display all your items. They are waterproof, easy to clean and provide unparalleled protection for your tables.


When the day comes, be prepared to negotiate with your customers. You can make the day feel even less hectic by inviting some friends and family to help you with the sale and provide some much-needed security. Donate everything that doesn’t make the sale to charity, and remember to enjoy yourself.

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