How to Make Small Family Gatherings Fun At Home

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It can be hard to keep your family entertained when you are all spending your time at home. You might miss the days when you went out to eat or to see a show. There are things you can do to make your small gatherings fun while staying in your own home.

Choose Food that is Different from What You Normally Eat

You and your family might eat together often, and you want to find ways to make small gatherings in your home different from everyday family dinners. Think about the food that you would like to serve at your gathering and consider having a catering company bring something delicious to you. You can have restaurant-quality food at home, and you can use it to make your meal special.

Make Dessert Special

Your dessert at your small home gathering should be extravagant. It should be something that everyone looks forward to and it should almost be an event, in and of itself. Put together an ice cream bar with all kinds of topping options or allow everyone to decorate their own cupcake. Find ways to make the dessert portion of the meal something that is fun and special.

Rent a Movie that Introduces Your Children to Your Childhood

You are going to need something to entertain everyone after your meal is done, and you should think about finding a movie to introduce to your children that they have not seen before. Look for streaming rental options for movies that you watched when you were young and play one of those for everyone at your gathering. If people are still hungry after eating, serve popcorn, and theater-style candy.

Find Ways to Make the Table Setup Special

You do not have to spend a lot to make your table look and feel like something that would be in a restaurant. Consider adding a slice of lemon to each family member’s glass of water and get out your good dishes. Put out little tags that show where each person is supposed to sit and make use of your cloth napkins and your napkin rings. You do not have to spend a lot to transform your table and make it special for your small gathering.

You can put together a gathering in your home that will allow people to have fun without longing for restaurants, theaters, and the other entertainment options you are used to having available.

By Emma Sturgis

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