Need a Family Vacation? Socially Distant Getaways to Help You Bond


Vacation travel took a major hit for most of 2020. The new coronavirus led to severe impacts on the economy in addition to the sickness and death that it caused. The travel industry was hit especially hard, and some destinations are closed. However, it’s still possible to take a socially distant and safe family vacation.

Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental can be a great option for a socially distant vacation. Whether you’d rather spend a week in a cabin in the Smokies or a week on the beach near the Outer Banks or the Pacific coast, renting a cabin or a condo can help you avoid many of the crowds that congregate in hotels. Additionally, you can spread your family out because most rentals have multiple bedrooms. Some also come with multiple bathrooms.

Rent an RV

If you’d like to hit the open road while avoiding hotels and restaurants that will bring you into contact with more people, consider an RV. It’s possible to rent RVs if you don’t already own one. Most will come with kitchen appliances, a table for dining, and a bathroom. Therefore, you can avoid eating in restaurants by placing your food in your RV’s refrigerator. Popular destinations include national parks like Glacier or Yellowstone. Traveling around the Gulf Coast, California, or Arizona can also be enjoyable. 

Boat Rentals

While cruise lines are shut down through at least February 2021, it’s still possible to rent a boat to take a leisurely cruise that’s distant from other people. Taking a few days to sail the open seas or a placid lake can be a good way for families to spend some relaxing time together. You’ll need to bring food and fresh water, but many boats allow for comfortable living quarters.


Sometimes, the best family vacation can be a staycation. This involves sleeping at home while finding fun things to do nearby. Many localities have impressive county or state parks. These can allow for hikes and biking trips. Fishing and other socially distant activities are also possibilities. These can provide for time outdoors in the sun that can help improve a person’s outlook.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unusual year. Some places have closed down multiple times. However, there are still options for taking a vacation that doesn’t require spending time with massive crowds. These options can make sense for many families who still want to spend some time traveling.

By Emma Sturgis

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