Struggling With Neck Pain? Here Are Tips for A Healthy Mom Life

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At today’s fast pace of life, moms and dads with kids manage their office, outdoor activities, household chores, and attending to the kids. The parents often suffer from neck pain due to stress, tension, and working or relaxing in the wrong posture while managing the kids or playing with them.

Moms and dads usually often complain about neck pain, and at times it can be unbearable and can last for many days. It is time to discuss the various steps that parents with kids or, for that matter, anyone need to follow to avoid pain in their neck region. Read on to know more about the reasons of pain in neck areas, and also know some effective ways to get rid of them.

Reasons For Neck Pain – Here Are Points to Note

When moms put too much stress on our neck, like carrying a load in our arms, sleeping in the wrong posture with wrong-sized pillows, or sitting on the sofa cramped in the corner, which results in causing neck pain. If you are looking for neck pain helpful solutions, read on to know more in detail.

Solutions For Neck Pain

  • Moving Your Neck clockwise – As new parents, you are overjoyed, gaze at your child, and enjoy all the activities. It is common for moms and dads to observe their newborns and enjoy life without moving their necks for a long time, resulting in pain in neck muscles as the tissues become stiff without movement. Initially, the pain can go away within a few minutes or hours, but it can bother both the parents in the long run. Therefore, the best solution is to move the neck muscles to make them flexible and function normally.
  • Maintaining Good Sleeping and Sitting Posture – One of the significant reasons for pain in the neck is sleeping or sitting in the wrong posture. Parents with kids try to focus their full attention even if it means compromising their sleeping and sitting posture. They are excited and attentive to keeping their child safe and happy. Thus, they compromise their sleeping posture. Again, moms often have to breastfeed their children cramping on the sofa, putting pressure in their necks. 

This results in pain in neck area. The bundle of joy is more important than their health. It can also be a cause of pain in the neck area. Moms should stop worrying too much about their kids and avoid being over-attentive and sleeping or sitting in the correct posture.

  • Avoiding Jerk-Lifting Kids – Many moms and dads jerk their hands, lift their kids, toss them in the air, and catch them again. It can injure the neck region of the parents as the sudden jerk can put much stress on the muscles, ligaments, and tissues in the neck region and cause pain. No one is asking you to stop lifting your child and see the giggles but do not hurry or do it suddenly. Lift, jerk or play with your child to your heart’s content in a composed manner.
  • Doing Neck Exercises or Visiting a Physiotherapist – Moms and dads should do light exercise to strengthen the neck muscles and tissues. If time permits, they can also go for physiotherapy to keep themselves fit without pain. If you are holding your baby in your arms, hold them high around your shoulder, close to your midline.


With these aforementioned helpful points, the parents having kids can enjoy spending time with them without have to worry about the unbearable neck pain again.

By Joseph Webb 

Joseph Webb is a blogger and a philosopher. His keen observations provide useful information to help readers to gain knowledge.  He can be found on Facebook, Pinterest and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.  

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