Theme Night Ideas to Make Quarantine Fun

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Being in quarantine is hard for everyone, especially for parents who have young children. It’s hard to explain to the youngsters why they should be inside and why they can’t go to the playground anymore. That can cause stress and affect every family member, and you should think about some unique ways to make your nights a bit more interesting. One way to do that is to think about your favorite family activities and make them a bit more glamorous. Your kids could help you organize these events and that can keep them busy during the day.

Set up a Treasure Hunt

Every child enjoys a treasure hunt and this activity is great because you can include a number of different smaller activities. Start by dividing your family into two teams and turning this into a competition. Depending on the games you could play along, this can be super fun and challenging for everyone. Incorporate a puzzle into your treasure hunt and encourage everyone to solve it before moving to the next step because this will teach your children how to be creative and imaginative without them even noticing. Be sure to add some tricky questions or tasks just to see how your children think and what their thought process behind every answer is.


Play Board Games

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but many parents still use it when they want to keep their children occupied. Anything from scrabble to different card games will be quite all right, so shift between different games every night. You can play mime games as well and help your children learn how to express themselves without saying a word. You’ll help them relax if they have stage fright and make them get over it. Play games you or your child don’t play so well and try to get better at them by reading different online tutorials.

Movie Night

Sometimes, you just want to relax and, after a whole day of running around, you want your children to cool down before going to sleep. Prepare your garden to create the best possible setting and create a unique cinematic feeling. Start by adding seating arrangements so everyone feels comfortable and think about getting an outdoor entertainment system to be able to watch your favorite movies. Add some blankets and make popcorn and you’ll be ready to press play. Let your children choose movies, just be sure to check their content and reviews. You can even watch some old family videos and walk down the memory lane.


Bake Together

Cooking together can be a great way to teach your children something new, but also see how they follow instructions and how they feel about safety. Find different versions of their favorite recipes and then organize tastings so they can feel important. You can divide tasks by their age and let them help you in the process. Moreover, be sure to find some healthy options and teach them the importance of balanced meals and why it’s important to eat healthily. Plan your meals together and let them be included in creating a shopping list just to show them you appreciate their opinion.

Arts and Crafts

Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, there are so many different projects when it comes to crafts, and you’ll surely have no problem finding something to do together. If you have a sewing machine, you can even teach your child some sewing basics and maybe start a new hobby. Think about creating some decorative pieces for your home to keep as a reminder of the precious time you had to be together and work on your family bond. You’ll help your children in expressing their creativity and maybe they’ll learn some new skills. There are numerous tutorials online and you can all try to find what suits you the best, and maybe join forces to create a more intricate design.



In this situation, the only blessing is staying home with your family and working on your bond. To stay sane and work on your mental health, there are always some interesting things you could do. Keep your children informative about what’s going on, but also work in their free time and try to compensate for all the restrictions they’re surrounded with.

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