What Tech Skills Add Value to Your Resume during the Covid-19 Unemployment Crisis

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The coronavirus pandemic has put workers, particularly Moms,  in a difficult situation. Because of the lockdown, many organizations required remote workers to move forward and survive. The demand for tech skills is now higher, and the competition has become tougher. As a result, jobless employees find it difficult to get employed and thrive in the midst of uncertainty.

If you’re currently seeking a new job, but you don’t know where to start, these tech skills will help you meet employers’ needs. They will provide you with all you need to innovate the market and help organizations stay competitive.

Cybersecurity Skills

Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for keeping companies’ data secure. They have to monitor and analyze vulnerabilities in systems. Whether software or hardware, they have the right knowledge to improve companies’ security strategies. Nowadays, companies provide the most skilled candidates with outstanding six-figure salaries.


Cybersecurity specialists must deal with rapidly-advancing threats and catch hackers. They often have many responsibilities on their shoulders, but their salaries and benefits make the job much more comfortable. Starting a cybersecurity career is a great option to thrive during the pandemic. It will help you not only to get employed but to change your lifestyle.


Flatiron School is among the best coding bootcamps to learn cybersecurity skills. The company allows you to learn through hands-on projects that are key to get real experience before your job-searching path. Their cybersecurity course is available in-person as well as online. In that case, no matter how busy you are, there’s no excuse to start learning. During the program, you’ll get equipped with analytical skills that will help you stand out from the competition.


Becoming a JavaScript developer is the right decision to make if you’re looking to get hired during Covid-19. JavaScript allows you to become a remote worker and create dynamic sites to catch customers’ attention. JavaScript is a must-have tool for every web developer. It can be used for front end and back end development. By using JS frameworks, developers can save time on coding and stay focused on the design. 

Learning JavaScript allows you to become a full stack developer. In 2020, a JavaScript full stack developer can make, on average, $105,000 per year. These days, employers are doing all they can to attract JavaScript developers’ attention. This is because they have the right skills to help organizations attract and retain more customers. Getting employers convinced during interviews won’t be a barrier if you get equipped with JavaScript skills.

Springboard is a coding school that offers many programs in web development, software engineering, and UX design. The company provides students with career coaching, one-on-one mentorship, and a job guarantee during their software engineering course. In other words, if you don’t land a job within six months of graduation, your money will be refunded. Also, if your financial situation is a problem, there are many financing options you can choose from.


Python is a versatile programming tool that allows tech professionals to deal with data. It’s easy to learn, and it’s fantastic for interpreting, visualizing, and analyzing data. Many tech workers, like data scientists, use Python to create machine learning solutions. As they’re responsible for creating actionable insights, they need programming tools to make their job less time-consuming. Today, several companies are making better business decisions thanks to data analysts and data scientists.

Learning Python will help you increase your job opportunities. At Kenzie Academy, you can learn in-demand programming skills like Python, Java, HTML, and React. Their software engineering program allows you to become a skilled coder in 52 weeks. During the course, you’ll learn core computer science concepts to show off during interviews. As you’ll learn how systems and computers work, building and maintaining complex apps will not be challenging.   


Smartphones and mobile apps are making customers’ lives much more comfortable. They have transformed the way we interact with others and do our shopping. For example, online shopping is now mainstream, when, years ago, having 3D previews of merchandise was pure sci-fi. Companies like Sephora and Home Depot are using augmented reality to help customers during their online shopping. 

Sephora’s virtual artist enables customers to try on makeup instantly. By using their smartphones’ cameras, users can see how makeup products look on them. Sephora’s virtual artist has enabled the company to increase customers’ satisfaction and reduce costs on product returns.

Learning Java is essential to become a mobile developer. It’s an object-oriented programming tool that’s great for creating IoT and mobile solutions. Learning Java skills will significantly increase your job opportunities and will help you remain competitive. The typical salary for a Java mobile developer is $92,000 per year at Pizza Hut. So, dealing with the bills during Covid-19 will no longer take your sleep away.

General Assembly offers an Android mobile development program that allows aspirants to learn Java skills. The company helps aspirants learn by building real mobile apps. And as students learn from experts in the field, they can move in the right direction to achieve actual career fulfilment.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are playing a crucial role in helping organizations reach bigger audiences. Years ago, using the newspaper, radio, or television was great to catch customers’ attention. But, since digital channels are part of our lives, customers spend more time in the digital world. Digital marketers are responsible for improving companies’ marketing strategies. They have to use websites and social networks to attract more customers and increase their satisfaction.

Becoming a digital marketer requires dedication and passion. However, their salaries and benefits make becoming a digital marketer a great option to overcome unemployment. To learn digital marketing skills, you can enroll in Thinkful’s coding bootcamp. Thinkful’s digital marketing courses allow you to get skilled in less than 12 weeks. After graduation, students have the expertise to join any marketing team.


As days pass, more companies are looking for candidates with these tech skills. For jobless workers, there’s no other option than adapt to meet employers’ needs. The road can be challenging, but doubtlessly, you’ll be rewarded. Keep in mind that the tech market is a fast-growing industry, and it’s affecting every industry around the globe. So, to fight unemployment, you must embrace changes.


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