When Should You Consult a Speech Pathologist for Your Child?

Is your child showing signs of problems in speech and communication skills?

Improvement in speech and communication is normal and when they do not develop accordingly, there may be a problem and you should consult with your pediatrician. If the issue is diagnosed early, it can often be rectified.  An untreated speech problem can be crippling for your child and can lead to an utter breakdown of his communication skills. If you see your child battling with a communication disability, an experienced speech pathologist can help make a huge difference for your child.

Speech disorders can be minor or severe and may require different treatment options, depending on the severity. A speech pathologist is a professional who is usually associated with schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, childcare institutes, and mental health organizations. A speech therapist can help overcome speech difficulties like stammering, stuttering, use of impaired language or poor articulation. may treat even the most complicated speech difficulty resulting from intellectual disability and cerebral palsy.


When you should look for a Speech Pathologist

Look for a speech pathologist if your child shows certain symptoms of speech difficulty. The following are some of the associated symptoms:

  • The child has difficulty in speaking and struggles to locate appropriate words
  • He fails to understand what you say 
  • He is easily distracted
  • He fails to hear properly
  • He has no interest in reading and writing
  • He fails to comprehend sentences
  • He likes to stay in isolation and does not associate with others
  • He seems frustrated all the time

When you visit the speech pathologist, he/she will ask you certain questions and then examine your child thoroughly. After examining the child, the pathologist prescribes certain tests to diagnose the exact problem to treat any sort of communication disability or complexity. Speech pathologists cannot prescribe medication because they are not medical professionals, but they can resolve your child’s speech problems with some natural exercises. 

What to Expect from the Treatment

Based on your child’s condition, the speech pathologist will suggest individual, home-based session or group-based sessions. He may even suggest the child visit his clinic for those sessions. Or, he may even send a speech therapist to your house in order to diagnose the problem at the root. It is important to know the normal level of communication development from the pediatrician. Get the chart and follow the treatment accordingly. There is no need to worry if your child has communication or speech difficulty. This is very treatable with modern science and innovative treatment options. 

How to Improve the Condition

To overcome communication disorders, work closely with your speech pathologist, a pediatrician, and your child.  Follow each and every instruction laid out by the pathologist. Ensure that your child follows the exercises prescribed by the pathologist. A supportive home environment, patience and the desire to avoid arguments will help your child.

Speech pathologists perform an important function of assessing, treating and diagnosing speech-related difficulties. They also prevent linguistic issues, oral issues and offer treatment for swallowing and speech difficulties.  They develop customized treatment programs to help individuals overcome speech difficulties and help families handle speech problems.  Speech Pathologists enter the field to help those with speech problems. You may want to look for a child speech specialist if your child has a problem communicating.

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