Family Meals Cookbook

ISBN # 978-1-926644-14-1

Easy meal plans to keep your children healthy
6 weeks of menus, recipes and grocery lists
Bonus! Free downloadable grocery lists!
160 pages

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This cookbook will help you organize, reduce and simplify the work involved in feeding your family. The meals are the most delicious and the most kid-friendly we could find. They are quick to make and all the food is all fresh. The grocery lists are great time and money savers and the recipes are very fun. 

This book will help you:

  • Feed your children healthfully
  • Save time and save money
  • Delegate some of the work
  • Teach your children to cook
  • Leave a small ecological footprint
  • And lose weight too

Inside You Will Find:

  • 6 Weeks of healthy menus: see nutrition facts
  • 126 Delicious kid-friendly meals: kid-tested, made from whole fresh ingredients!
  • Quick and easy recipes: everyone can help, with school lunches too!
  • Weekly one-stop grocery lists: one-stop grocery lists to save time and money!
  • Menus are built to accommodate most family sizes and can be easily adjusted to fit your family

What customers thought

Loving it since 2010!

by Unknown

Hi, My photographer sister and I made a video about my personal experience with your cookbook, which I bought in 2010 and I love it still! I was a single mom with school-aged kids and attending university when I discovered this cookbook and app combo. Thank you for being a pioneer in this area — you met my need to make my mom purse lighter by allowing me to go paperless :)

Just over the moon

by Jesse Green

I have been really good about menu planning for the past few years, but only for suppers. I had come to dread breakfast - a never-ending slop-fest of cereal, and lunch - I honestly thought I would vomit if I had to eat another peanut butter and honey sandwich.

So, we are on Week 3 and are just over the moon. We are all loving these healthy, tasty and different meals. The other day my husband started the supper prep while I was on the phone. ! My young kids are trying all kinds of different foods and are excited to find out what's for lunch each day.

I love the comprehensive shopping lists, the great variety of foods and simple, matter-of-fact instructions I have been telling anyone who will listen about this book, it's just been such a positive change to our whole family unit. We are actually expanding our counter space in the kitchen because I now have three little munchkins in the kitchen helping prepare for every meal!

And now I can enjoy cereal and PB sandwiches again! ;)

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