Chore Charts

Weekly Chore Chart pad
1 pad 8.5" x 11"
with 48 tear away sheets
and 4 alternating colours
368 stickers

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Use these colourful chore charts to organize and delegate family chores. Assign age appropriate chores to your children and share duties among the adults with the colour coordinated charts. Kids will love taking on their own tasks and seeing the checkmarks and stars accumulate as they master important skills and learn responsibility, first for themselves and later for family pets and other family members. Contributing to the family will teach your children self-discipline, enhance their self-esteem and build a sense of pride through achievement. Your family will love these! For a list of age appropriate chores follow this link.

What customers thought

A different colour for everyone!

by Karen Harrison

I love these colourful chore charts! I assigned a different colour to everyone, even my husband. It's easy when everyone knows what to do and everything gets done and the best thing is that there are no arguments. My kids love putting on the stars when they have completed their tasks for the day and everyone is ready for school in the morning. No more running around. Thanks More Time Moms!

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