Family Organizer 2020

ISBN # 978-1-926644-80-6

Made in North America

Parenting - Mom Tested

Wall Calendar, Family, Extra Large Grid with pocket
25th Edition—16 Months: Sept 2019 to Dec 2020
NEW! 546 appointment, event and reward family stickers
Spiral bound, 15"x 11", (15" x 22" when open)

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The More Time Moms Family Organizer®  is the original, best-selling and by far best tool on the market to help you keep your  family schedule a priority and keep an organized home. This family planner has the biggest squares, 2.1"x 3.5", to give you plenty of room to write, the best stickers to remind you of important events, and a pocket for bills and loose paperwork. The feeling of well being  and organization you will experience is liberating. Once you use our organizer calendar, you will wonder how you ever did without it


Inside you will find:

  • Lots of room to track important things, time with your kids,etc.
  • NEW! 189 star stickers to track chores, rewards & challenges
  • NEW! 357 appointment and reminder stickers
  • NEW! Monthly message and challenge board
  • An extra large pocket for your bills and loose paperwork
  • New illustrations and some coloring pages for kids to color
  • Telephone, Emergency and Medical directory 
  • MTM recipes, To do lists, kids chores, etc.
  • Inspirational Quotes, Moon phases 
  • High quality opaque erasable paper 

What customers thought

Please don’t ever stop making this calendar!

by Molly Owens

I do not even remember where I purchased my first MTM calendar but I will never use another! MTM has seen us through grade school, high school, and now college. While I do not use the stickers, my daughters use them on their own calendars. I color code all our events and the whole family knows what to look for. I have been using this system for at least 15 years and two friends now swear by the colander as well. The spaces are large and I love the two page format. I have saved every calendar I have used and they are a great way to memorialize some of the the things our family has done over the years. Thank you!

I have used this for years and it is the only one I will use.

by Sandra Bisbee

Love it.

Can't function without this calendar!!

by Tina

I've been using this calendar longer than I can remember. With 4 kid's busy schedules (not to mention our busy schedules as parents!) I truly can't function without this!

Excellent, and finally enough space

by Elizabeth Dailey

It has enough room for all five family members and the dog. I can keep work gigs, meetings, camp outs, and more organized and visible. I can also write large enough for Grandma to read.


by Sherry L Smith

I have been using this calendar since 2007!!! So much room to add all our life events! Yes I tried another big boxed calendar, it was drab and boring. Energy zapper! But the More Time Moms is an energy giver! You should smile when you look at something everyday!


by Angela Ziegenfuss

This calendar has been a central part of our family 4 years. I cannot explain the importance of this valuable calendar. But let me try, between four kids two dogs A husband extended family holidays birthdays sporting events School dinner lunch and breakfast snacks car repairs haircuts doctors appointments personal time plus more I have managed to wrap all of that chaos and to a manageable schedule that we all can follow consistently! !! Stress relief! It is actually the heartbeat of the family! It is so important because everyone has things going on that when dinner comes we KNOW that everyone is coming to eat what was on the calendar.. (fried chicken and mashers..) and that is a sacred time ! Then as the kiddos get older I look back on all the calenders and reminisce on all of the great memories we all shared.
So do I recommend this... YEA I do. I will NEVER GO WITHOUT THIS CALENDAR! I order 2 for me and extras, but you will never regret ordering it!!!! THIS IS SOUL GOOD!

Best Family Calendar EVER!

by Kimberly

We have used this calendar for at least 10 years! We use it to keep track of all activities for our three children. The space available for each day of the month to record every appointment, practice, game, birthday and school event is perfect! This is a fantastic tool to keep families organized. My close friend finds this calendar to be extremely valuable, too, so I buy one for her every holiday!

Does everything it says

by Pia Quinnett

Use this for the past 10 plus years and my entire family is kept up to date on important dates, appointments, celebrations... with just one glance. It takes 10 minutes to fill in once a month and is quicker and easier than any app calendar. It is truly like a diary, too. Need to check something several years ago...get the old calendar out and look.

Our calendar since 2005!

by Christy Whiteman

This calendar was such a great tool in helping to keep our family of six organized as we raised our four kids. We have been using it each year since 2005. We still have our old ones and look back to see what we did over the years. I love the large squares to write down the daily appointments, etc. The stickers were great when the kids were little. Since our youngest is now 20 and the older three are on their own, I am thinking of switching to the refrigerator calendar. I know it will be as great of quality as the family organizer. Thank you for making such a high quality calendar with great features.

Our calendar since 2005!

by Christy Whiteman

This calendar was such a great tool in helping to keep our family of six organized as we raised our four kids. We have been using it each year since 2005. We still have our old ones and look back to see what we did over the years. I love the large squares to write down the daily appointments, etc. The stickers were great when the kids were little. Since our youngest is now 20 and the older three are on their own, I am thinking of switching to the refrigerator calendar. I know it will be as great of quality as the family organizer. Thank you for making such a high quality calendar with great features.

LOVE this calendar...repeat customer year-after-year

by TangerineLime

This calendar, year-after-year, has kept our family organized and in-the-know. I rarely am asked "what's going on today?" because I fill up this calendar with everyone's activities, appointments and plans. There's no more guesswork.

LOVE this calendar!

by debrye

I have been buying the MTM calendar for 5 years now and I just love it! 3 kids + 1 husband = lots of schedules to keep track of! The large boxes are perfect. The stickers are great because certain things to pop out.

Hooked on Calendar

by Sherwood Wile

This is the best calendar I have ever used with all kinds of sticker for various events at a glance, a happy format throughout its many pages. This calendar is a 16 month calendar rather than a twelve month,

Big Calendar

by Rosa Nickerson

I bought this calendar mid-January of this year, It is excellent. I love how big the boxes for each day are. There is so much room to write in them. That is by far the best feature of this calendar. The monthly quotes are nice. I am definitely going to buy it again.

I order 10 calendars every year:)

by Karen Roche

I have been using this calendar and giving it to family members for holiday gifts, as well. One Christmas I was late ordering these calendars and they were all so afraid they would have to go without.
Love the stickers. Love the organization and the space for writing. I only wish that the graphics were left in black and white so my grand children could color them in or so could easily design and cover with my own graphic stickers for the month!

It's Got A Pocket!

by Suzanne Watts

I love the pocket! Especially for party invitations and sport/club handouts. I can record the time and place on my calendar, then place the invitation in the pocket for easy reference to the address or other info when I am leaving the house for the event. My husband and two high school sons all know this is the central all-encompassing calendar for our family, with squares big enough to hold everyone's scheduled events. Thank you!

Almost perfect

by Sue Arlinghaus

I have used this calendar to keep my 7 member family's schedule organized for years. I love the big daily blocks and the paper. If I use a pencil, I can erase! No glossy paper mess here. I keep each year's calendar as a reminder of what we did each year. My only complaint is the calendar starts in September. I like putting my entire school year on one calendar and our school activities start in August.

Only Family Calendar I use!

by Kristi

I found this calendar years ago and have been using it ever since! I have a busy family of 5 and it has a place right on the inside of our pantry door for all of our family members to write their schedules and to see what is planned for the day/week. Has helped me tremendously in keeping my family organized! Love it!

More than just a calendar...

by Tami Pedersen

I have been using the Family Organizer since 1998...and I still have every single one of them! They are so much more than a keeper of schedules, to-do's and events...they are a journey of memories, a chronological scrapbook, a travel back in time of 'remember when?'. My kids are no longer living at home, but I still use the Family Organizer and they know exactly where to look if they need to know what's going on in my house...and they are now using them in their own homes! Thank you for such a well-made, well-rounded product that crosses the generations!

My Favoite Calendar by Far

by Michelle

I love the fact you can see the whole month at a glance, the space you have to write in for each day, stickers, the little recipes, the extra writing space and so on, just simply the perfect Family Calendar . My husband and kids even love it more than me!

Great idea for the family

by Sheena Nielsen

I recieved this calendar as a Christmas gift from my mom and absolutely love it. We just had our first baby last Dec, so keeping track of Dr appts, pictures and play dates has been very easy. I recommend it to all families.

Stay Organized all Year - Remember it!

by Tim

My wife and I love your calendars! We've used them since our children were in early elementary school, and now they are in college and high school. Your large spaces for writing help us to keep track of many different events, and your stickers (and their many categories) help us plan ahead.

What a great product!

"Mission Control"

by Carolyn

I have been using the Family Organizer for more years than I can remember. It hangs on a bulletin board just outside our kitchen. I refer to the calendar as "Mission Control", because without it, I would be lost! My daughters are 17 and 21 now, and even though we don't have as many swimming lessons, diving lessons, birthday parties, gymnastics lessons, etc., to keep track of these days, I still rely on this calendar to keep us organized. Thank you for such an invaluable resource!

Love at first site!

by Joan

I received this Organizer as a gift some ten years ago and have been ordering it for myself ever since. This organizer helped my whole family especially my three super successful teens stay on tract, stay ahead and keep focused. Thank you More Time Moms for what you've done for me!

Love this calendar!

by Tammy

I have been buying this calendar for years. With five children, it's nice and big so I can include everyone's activities. The kids know to check the calendar for updates, and they love using the stickers.

The Gift that keeps us organized

by Wendy Hintze

When I found this calendar I felt like I'd found gold. With the large spaces, the graphics, the spiral binding, and especially ERASABLE quality paper, this calendar has been serving our family since.....about 1993? (Something like that. If I went down to our basement I could find out for sure!) Not only does it service us each year with dates, but it also serves as a record of our important (and unimportant) family events, appointments, and reminders With the large spaces, we also log our miles on it when we drive for charitable events. (Helps at tax time!) Even though our children have left the nest, I order a calendar for myself and for each of my children's family who now have children and busy lives of their own now. And they swear by it also. I hate to think of a time when these calendars would not be available!!! Keep on keepin' on!


by DJ

This is the BEST calendar to keep track of your family. I read somewhere you should have a family center and post everyone' s schedule by the phone...this is the Family Organizer I have. I have purchased it since 2002 and I love it!!! I buy it in August so I can post the whole school year as soon as I receive the school calendar. Love the stickers and the big squares to write down every one's activities. It is the BEST!!!

I have been relying on the Family Organizer for at least 10 years.

by repeat customer

I'm not sure how many years I've been purchasing the Family Organizer, at least 10 or more.
It keeps my schedules and appointments at a glance. I enjoy the large squares with plenty of writing area.
Lastly, the spirals are wonderful for paging back and forth. No other calendar
has these.

Never Again

by Dahl Currington

I have been a customer for many years. However, last year I thought I would just use the "freebie" calendars that are abundant at the end of each year. NEVER, EVER, AGAIN!!!! Not having my (your) calendar/organizer this year made me realize how much I truly depended upon it. I am THRILLED to see a yearly subscription offered. I accept!!!
Thank you for such a wonderful, much needed item. As long as you continue to produce MTM Family Organizer, I am your customer!

Loving it since 2003!

by Anne Fairchild

Since 2003 I have been using More Time Moms Family Organizer Calendar and LOVE IT!!! Besides the large daily squares, which I LOVE, my most important feature is the spiral bound edge. I keep my calendar on the kitchen counter and it is handy for the entire family to see what is going on and can easily flip it over to see the rest of the month. I won't buy a calendar unless it has a SPIRAL binding! Your calendar is the only one that I have found (and believe me I have looked hard) to have both the large squares and spiral binding! THANK YOU!!! I love the extra blank spaces too, so I can make notes that don't necessarily pertain to a specific date. If you can have blank space at the top and bottom of each month that's even better. I keep my calendars and it is so handy to be able to refer back to things. I hope the family organizer calendar is available FOREVER!!

Moved to tears...

by Michelle Kusman

We have been using your family organizer for about 7 years now. I was not able to obtain one anywhere that I called or went to in Tucson. I did not know how I was going to function without it. I then found your website and this problem was forever solved. As the mother of 4 sons, the last who are twins and graduating in May 2008. I sat down at the computer to place my order and burst into tears. How could time have gone by so quickly?

Everyone in the family knows that we put everything down in this organizer and we are all on the same page. It is with a heavy heart that I am placing this order. Looking on the brighter side I will be able to put their college schedule and basketball games, homecomings, vacations and fun stuff in the next one that I get.

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for thinking of all the moms, dads and children out there who have used this organizer. It has been something that we are not able to live without. I think that I will get one for each of the boys next year and tuck the special letter that we write to them as a surprise on their first day of college.

One happy customer

by Jennifer Jacoby-Smith

Just got my new Family Organizer calendar today and I absolutely love it! I fell in love with this calendar a few years ago, but opted to go with a different one last year and regretted it every day. I'm delighted to see all my favourite features – the inspirational quotes, the recipes, the big writing spaces and to do lists. It's just awesome. And I love the new stickers. I work part time outside the home. I'm a freelance writer. AND I'm a mom to two busy school aged children. Keeping track of their schedule, my schedules, and hubby's can be such a chore, but this calendar makes it a delight. Thanks for the great tool for keeping my family organized and me sane!

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