Mom’s Agenda 2020

ISBN # 978-1-926644-85-1

Extraordinary day planner just for moms!
Inside double pocket
21st Edition: January to December 2020
Double wire bound, 5.5"x 8.5"
128 pages erasable opaque writing paper

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Our ever popular personal organizer will help you keep track of both your family schedule and your own precious time. With your help, we have customized this mom planner to handle all your appointments, your family commitments and your personal and home projects.  This day planner is soft-covered and double wiro bound  to fit nicely into your purse and to open wide for easy use.

The individually dated squares are large enough to list your appointments and the planning pages will help you set goals and help keep you motivated and on track throughout the year. There is a double inside pocket to keep loose paperwork close to help you mark your place.This is a really nice size that will keep you organized even while you are out.  


  • Monthly appointment planner calendar
  • Monthly priority planner guide 
  • Weekly to-do pages and daily routine planners
  • Inside pocket for lists and notes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Special event planners: household budgets, Christmas fun, garden tips, Christmas gift list, household projects, vacation planner and more

What customers thought

BEST Calendar I've found

by Traci H.

I love the large writing area and the opaque paper is perfect, fits nicely in my purse and is my lifeline!!! I've been buying every year for 9 years now and plan to buy for many many more!


by Irene

Dear Trish,

I Love my Mom's Agenda and I buy it every year. I think that the paper is the best quality and it is so easy to write on and it keeps me organized. I just wish it was available in local bookstores or Costco's.



Best Planner Ever

by Stephanie Rivers

I have used this planner for six years now. It is amazing. It firs in my purse and gives me the whole month at a glance plus weekly sheets that I usually use to keep notes on. I started with your bigger mom calendar, but this one is perfect for my busy lifestyle. Thank you for such a wonderful tool!!!

That is the best "little idea" you have had in a long time

by Patti Dagrland

Thank you, That is the best "little idea" you have had in a long time. I have purchased your calendar for more years than I can remember and this little book is great...Thanks again for coming up with another great idea for moms.

It lives in my purse and follows me everywhere I go!

by Ann and crew! :)

For me, every August it is a time to get myself and my kids ready for a new school year and it is the perfect opportunity to get organized. I have been buying your Family Organizer for several years now and I can not live without it! Your calendar has it's special place in my kitchen where everyone can quickly glance at it and know just where they need to be. I love the large places where I can write everything down and the pocket in the back holds so many important papers, and invitations etc... Since returning back to work I have also relied heavily on the "Little Helper" It lives in my purse and follows me everywhere I go. Thank you for providing my family with such terrific calendars and agendas!

Impressed with the attention to details!

by Janette

I purchased one of your "Mom's Agenda 2010" planners while searching for a Canadian-made calendar at Chapters. I am impressed on a daily basis with your product and although I'm not normally one to take the time to provide feedback regarding products I felt I had to write to compliment you.

First off I'm so impressed that this is North American made. I am in the publishing industry as well and am disheartened each time I see a product produced off-shore. I will be sure to seek all needed paper products from companies such as yours and ecojot.

I'm also impressed with the attention to details in this planner - perforated corners, inside back cover envelope, layout, etc - it's a joy to use. Kudos to all at your organization. My son is an adult so I'm not using this as a "Mom's" planner but it still fills the need for my every day planning. Take care,

Looking forward to your second edition!

by Simone Gouveia

"First of all let me say that I love your first edition. I have only been using it for 2 weeks, but it has helped me finally to get organized. I no longer have 5 lists on the go. Looking forward to your second edition."

LOVE your products!

by Tamara Winer

Hello Trish, I have been a customer of yours for several years now and LOVE your products. I have tried everything else and nothing is as good as Mom's Little Helper for daily organizing. The size is perfect and I love all the extra space for lists. There's only one more thing that would make it utterly perfect. I would love it if you could incorporate a little pocket somewhere. Maybe on the inside of the back cover for those invitations your kid hands you while you are out and about or the friend's phone number that your kid got at school. Even without the little pocket though, your product is the best!

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