Student Organizer 2020

ISBN # 978-1-926644-84-4

Social and School Calendar
Wall Calendar, School, Extra Large Grid, Large Pocket
17th Edition—16 Months: Sept 2019 to Dec 2020
546 appointment, activity & challenge stickers
Spiral bound, 15"x 11", (15" x 22" when open)

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Fabulous for all students!! High School, College and University Students will love this extraordinary student organizer because it is big enough for their busy and exciting lives. It suits everyone from the young girl, keen to start high school to the guys at the fraternity with household events to manage. This personal organizer calendar contains everything to get your life in order with lots of room to keep track of your school schedule, sports events, activities and your social life.  It has 546 cool stickers to remind you of important events, a large back pocket for reminders and invites and there are lots of fun activities to do with friends each month.


Inside You Will Find:

  • NEW! 189 star stickers to track tasks & personal challenges
  • NEW! 357 reminder & appointment stickers
  • 16 months: September 2019 to December 2020
  • Really big squares for all your notes & doodles
  • Room to track important things, school, sports & your social life
  • Semester schedules & goal setting charts to keep you on track
  • Inside back pocket for your important notes & invites
  • Monthly Eco-tips to help us save the environment
  • Projects, recipes, inspirational quotes and moon phases 

What customers thought

As a student, this calendar is my life.

by Tara

This calendar is so helpful for organizing my schedule. It's easier to visualize when papers are due, when I will be volunteering, and when my nights out will be. As a student, this calendar is my life.

For someone like me who is usually disorganized, this calendar has helped me become a more organized person. The stickers are an added asset. After using this calendar, you will not be able to go back to your typical calendar!

Great for girls of all ages!!!

by Jordan

I started using the calendar when I was 13 and still use it at age 21. It was fun for me because I would watch my mom organize our whole family's schedule on her family organizer and it encouraged me to do the same with my girlfriends organizer. All through out high school and college it has been great for organizing my studies, work schedule and time with my friends. It is so much easier to be proactive and get things done when I can see it every morning on my wall. The stickers are a life saver! Not only are they fun, but very practical for itemizing events in my schedule. Great for girls of all ages!!!

This calendar is totally funky. I love it!

by Anya

This calendar is totally funky. I love it! I've been using your Girlfriend's Lifeline calendar all year. It helps me so much. I've been so organized I have time to hang around with my friends and read a book. This is by far the best organizer I ever had. The things I loved were: Extra-extra space for each day, Funky stickers, Girlfriend hang out ideas, Doodle space, Reminders, Cool sayings, Funky cartoons.

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