10 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks for Moms

Halloween HacksAre you trying to organize a party, school event, or just a fun family evening for Halloween? Your kids will love you for these spooky and delicious designs and no one needs to know how quickly you put everything together. Just a few fun eats and decorative treats will turn your home or party into a festive Halloween headquarters.

Here are 10 inspiring and super quick ideas that will make you look like a star:

1. Deliciousd91d857dd8b08d6fcc81f0aa4d8d59f9 witch hats can be made with just three ingredients. Visit Barb Schram’s blog to see how..

2. Mummy French bread pizzas from the joys of boys are super easy and cute pizzas that you can whip up in a flash




3. The diHanging batsva herself, Martha Stewart, shows you how to welcome trick-or-treaters in hair-raising style by turning your front porch into a bat cave using just black paper, a bat template, and painters’ tape. Check out Martha Stewart’s hanging bats .

4. Make a devilish drink. No recipe required for this potion, simply pour grenadine syrup into a large glass flask or pitcher and then slowly add chilled mango lemonade or orange juice on top. Let stand and the layers will separate. Thanks, Woman’s Day!



7855ecd8b8a63ca9bf54508bbccbe3025. Hand treats are perfect for school class parties! Use surgical gloves and stuff the fingers with Smarties.  Then fill the rest of the way with mini candy bars, gummies and jelly beans.  Add a little ring to give it some bling and tie up with craft ribbon.  Easy to make and great for older kids and adults, courtesy of The Queen’s Card Castle.




4a59ae987f48cda1ba8d3bfc0532ad106. See how easily you can make an awesome spider web from a trash bag at How About Orange. Decorate the house with something dramatic and super cheap, plus you don’t even need to go to the store!

7. DIY glowing Halloween jars. Cut open a glow stick and pour the contents into a jar. Add glitter, replace the lid and shake.



more_time_moms_halloween_hacks8. Banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins are a healthy Halloween snack idea by One Little Project. These banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins are just so adorable! In less than 5 minutes, you can create an easy Halloween snack that is totally mom approved.




a0548997b5e7ae23b251500e40a6c6b39. Scary sippers will be a hit. Make an army of mummies by wrapping juice boxes in white electrical tape and adding adhesive-backed googly eyes. (Be sure to punch out a hole in the tape for the straw). parents.com




bbff1937e17f0cea9df0a895d0603ad210. As a party craft, have kids make their own rock jack-o-lanterns. Kids love to paint rocks and if the weather is nice, take this craft outside. If you want to make them waterproof, you will need to spray the finished rock with clear varnish. notimeforflashcards.com

By Kristen Wint



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