4 Fun Rewards to Give Your Kids for Doing More Than Chores

Your children most likely have responsibilities around the home. Sometimes they might even go above and beyond and do more than what is expected of them. Offering rewards after completing extra chores is a great way to show your kids you appreciate their effort. Here are four fun rewards that you might consider giving to your kids for completing extra chores.


Paying an allowance is one of the most common ways to reward children. This money can go toward paying for toys, video games, and other things that your kids find enjoyable. You can also use this reward as an opportunity to teach your children the importance of setting money aside for necessities, such as school supplies and new clothes. Some of the money can even go toward a college fund that will benefit them in their future.

A Day of Fun

Another idea for a reward is to take your kids out to enjoy a day of fun activities. Examples of places to go for fun activities may include local amusement parks, waterparks, or game centers. Taking your kids to see a new movie at the drive-in can also be a great reward. Your kids may even enjoy trying indoor skydiving, miniature golf, or laser tag.

Engraved Gifts

Certain items can be engraved with names and other special messages, and some of these engraved gifts can be given to your children as rewards. It’s possible to find lockets, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces that can be engraved. Personalized engraving is also possible for trophies, signs, and nameplates. Even glass plaques and collector plates can be engraved to make them more special as keepsakes.

A New Pet

Even though this will likely be a rare reward, giving your children the incentive of getting a new pet can help motivate them to work harder to complete their chores. You can consider getting a new puppy or kitten for your kids to enjoy. Hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs also make great pets and can be brought home as rewards. Goldfish and other types of aquatic pets are often easier to maintain and might be ideal rewards if you’re looking for something simpler.

Rewarding your children for going above and beyond can show your appreciation and motivate your kids to do extra chores in the future as well. Any of these fun reward ideas may be just what your kids need to help around the house more often.

By Emma Sturgis

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