4 Spontaneous Activities to Turn a Boring Weeknight Into a Fun Family Night

As schools are back in session and homework piles on, it’s easier to become consumed with all of the duties that come to life. However, as the parent, you often are in charge of setting the mood and temperament in your household. This means that you can make the decision to help your family enjoy life in spontaneous ways every day. In order to turn a boring weeknight into a family fun night, consider the following activities.

Host a paint night

If you visit any major city, you can find a paint-and-sip party. Why not host one at home. Make it kid-friendly by offering “mock-tails” (virgin versions of cocktails). Visit a local art store or the dollar store to pick up a few canvases, paintbrushes and other tools. Before you actually host the paint night, you need to book a teacher. Find a teacher who is willing to travel to host the paint nights. This is such a dynamic way to appreciate the arts, spend time with your family and have fun.

Make it a movie night

If there is a movie you and your family didn’t get to catch while it was in theaters, purchase it when it’s available to the public again. Gather the family together in one room to enjoy homemade popcorn and snacks. Call the local pizzeria to place your pizza delivery order. Monday tends to be the most dreaded day of the week. End the day on a positive note.

Go out for dessert

While it’s great to prepare your meals in advance, save money, and cook at home, it’s always great to enjoy a different environment. This is why it’s an incredible idea to enjoy a sit-down dinner at home and then pile everyone in the car to go out for dessert. You can travel to a local restaurant to order your sweet treats or you can head over to an ice cream parlor or a frozen yogurt shop. Just make sure you’re leaving the house to find a sweet treat with the entire family.

Head to the local skating rink

Physical exercise is beneficial for many reasons. It strengthens the heart, releases endorphins, and helps you maintain or lose weight. Take the family out for a fun physical activity like roller skating, biking or rollerblading. If you don’t have a local skating rink and the weather is warm enough, enjoy the outdoors instead.

Don’t fall into the mental trap where the weekends are the only times to make amazing memories. Instead, infuse these activities as well as many others into your weekly routine. As you make these festivities a tradition, you’ll be able to facilitate a beautiful life for your family.

By Ani O.
Freelance writer and web enthusiast

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