5 Easy Ways to Find More Time for Mom

girl-turned-back-violet-duotone-picjumbo-comI went for a full-day, alpine hike with a friend last week and it inspired me to write this post. The sun, fresh air, vigorous climb and quality girl time made me realize how important it is to make more time for myself. And it also made me wonder how some people are so much better at taking time out for themselves than others are. I think it comes down to being a mother and getting into a pattern of always giving and providing for others. Moms often feel selfish when they do things without their family and usually put their needs last.

How do moms carve out more time to do what makes them happy?


1. Schedule it in! If you don’t plan for it, it won’t happen. If you haven’t had coffee with your girlfriend in awhile, put it in your mom’s agenda and do it. If you’ve been putting off that physio appointment for your sore neck – book it!

2. Start saying no. You don’t always need to be a super mom. If a meeting, appointment or special event is going to stress you out too much, simply take it off your plate. Give yourself permission to miss some things and you will be amazed at how liberated you feel.

3. Decide what’s most important to you. If a date night with your husband once a week is the key to your happy marriage, make sure you continue to make time for it and put it on your calendar. If you can live without a spotless house for a day or two, let things slide a bit and go to that yoga class. Little ones at home? Choose an exercise video on YouTube and stay in.

4. Identify the time wasters in your day. Do you spend too much time on social media and wind up glued to your device or computer whenever you have a little free time? Are you going to the grocery store daily to pick up dinner items instead of planning your meals in advance and doing one big shop? If this sounds familiar, you need to reclaim some time by getting organized and planning things ahead. You’ll be amazed at the extra time you can free up.

5. To be a happy and healthy mom, you need to take care of yourself. Find more time to do the things you love and remember to ask for help when you need it.


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