5 Signs You Need to Get Your Family Car Repaired

When you hold the responsibility of driving your family around, you must keep your vehicle in great running condition. If you fail to fix problems and maintain the integrity of your car, you will be far more likely to experience a sudden breakdown. Here are five signs you need to get your family car repaired.

Strange Brake Noises

Brake problems can jeopardize the safety of you and your family. During emergencies on the road, you’ll need the maximum stopping power. Never make the mistake of overlooking strange noises. Squeaking could be a sign you need brake pad replacement services. Although modern brake pads are engineered to last for thousands of miles, a lot of stop-and-go driving can wear them down sooner than you think.

Steam Coming from Under the Hood

If you notice steam coming from under the hood, take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. You’re likely dealing with a coolant leak. Old hoses are especially prone to leaking. A major loss of coolant is bound to cause engine overheating at some point. Because a hot-running engine can cause warped cylinders and blown head gaskets, you shouldn’t take any risks.

Check Engine Light

Far too many drivers choose to ignore their car’s check engine light. While the problem could be something simple, the best approach is to err on the side of caution. Like a bad oxygen sensor, worn spark plugs can trigger a check engine light. Both of these problems can lead to drivability issues like rough idling and sluggish acceleration. Your fuel economy can also take a big hit.

Trouble Shifting Gears

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission is designed to deliver a smooth performance. If the transmission starts to shift funny, don’t wait to get it inspected by a professional. In many instances, a low level of transmission fluid is the cause of a rough-shifting transmission. This means there’s probably a leak. Failing to repair the problem could lead to complete transmission failure.

Harder to Start

It should only take a couple of seconds for your vehicle to start. A slow-starting car is definitely in need of repair. While many different things can cause this problem, there’s a good chance your battery doesn’t have enough juice. As time goes on, it’ll only get weaker and weaker. Before replacing the battery, check for loose cables and corrosion on the terminals.

Always make it a point to keep your family’s vehicle in good shape. Even small problems can quickly become a source of frustration. Your loved ones deserve the extra security.

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