5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Busy During Weekends

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Being a parent is lovely, but you also have an individual identity that goes beyond being a mom. Craving some alone time does not make you less of a good parent. It makes you better. You get some time to re-energize and give your children the best version of yourself. 

Spending some time alone is not just right for you; it is good for the kids as well. It gives them some independence, and they can slowly learn to do things on their own. You can spend time with your spouse and rebuild your intimacy. A happy marriage creates the right environment for kids to grow.  The best time to spend time to relax and give yourself some love is the weekends. 

Plan Activities For Your Kids During Weekends

The best activities for your kids during the weekends do not involve screen time. Find something that will encourage them to think creatively, exercise, and interact socially.  Here are a few examples to get you started.

Treasure Hunting

This will require a bit of thinking and planning. Hide something in the house, such as a new play toy. Give the kids a clue that leads to another clue, and so on, and the clues will lead to the hidden treasure. The game should have the kids involving their minds.  

Create a rule that no one should ask mommy questions. It ought to keep them busy for some time while you get some peace. 


If the weather is favorable, take them out for swimming. Enroll the kids in a swimming class with a competent teacher. And you might be surprised that the child may enjoy swimming more in the company of the instructor than in yours

The benefits of swimming go beyond being a fun activity.  Your kid will learn water safety survival skills, exercise their muscles, and develop balance and coordination. Group swimming lessons will help develop their social skills.

DIY Projects

Keep the kids busy indoors with DIY projects. Get some safe materials and allow the child to utilize their creativity to build toys and other items. For instance, you can have them create toy car race tracks on the carpet using masking tape. They can make it more fun by working around obstacles. And the best part is that they will not need your supervision. 

Supersize Coloring

Almost all children love coloring. But a small coloring book will not keep them engaged for long enough to get the break you need. Get a super large coloring page and put it on the wall. Then set them up for the challenge. Completing the coloring will give them a sense of accomplishment and improve their confidence. 

Play Date

Got a friend or neighbor with kids the same age as yours? Arrange for a play date. Work out an arrangement where their child can come over one weekend, and yours can go over in the next. It is a win-win situation. When your child is over at a friend’s house, you get some quiet time. And when the other kid is at your place, the children will be entertained and they will be too engrossed in games to need your attention.  

While the Kids Are Busy, Take Back Your Weekends!

Now that you have the right activities to keep your kids occupied for hours, what do you do with the free time?

1. Forget the Chores

It’s a mom’s first instinct to clear up on the pending house chores. But this is not the time for chores. Do something for yourself. Take a bubble bath, watch a marathon of your favorite show, read a book, or meditate. Whatever your definition of fun is, do it. Just don’t do the chores. 

2. Connect with Your Spouse

Spending some time together will keep the spark alive in your relationship. It does not have to be a dinner in a fancy hotel. Make a meal together and share as you talk about anything else except work, kids, bills, and all the usual stuff.

3. Catch up With Friends

With the busy schedule of being a mom, finding the time to hang out with friends is simply not there. Take advantage of the time your kids are in the swimming class and have coffee with your girls. It will leave you refreshed. 

4. Pamper Yourself

There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself. When the kids are away on a play date, go out and have some fun. Get yourself a manicure or massage. Go shopping or finally have coffee at the new coffee shop you have been hoping to try. 

5.  Work on Your Project

Using the weekends to focus on yourself ensures that you do not lose yourself in parenthood. Create time to do something that grows you as an individual, it can be working on a project, nurturing your talent, or learning a new skill.  

In conclusion, being a parent is an amazing gift. But to give your best to your children, you need to recharge. 

Use the weekends to create activities that will keep your kids engaged while you give yourself some attention. Spend time with friends, pamper yourself, connect with your spouse, and build you. The secret to being a happy mom is in maintaining a healthy balance. 


By Nikos Vasilellis

Nikos Vasilellis is the Founder of Nereids Aquatic Coaching and has a passion and love for aquatic activities which is combined with his care for helping others. Nereids Aquatic Coaching helps children and adults overcome their fear of water by focusing on their individual strengths and helping them enjoy the aquatic environment safely.



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