5 Ways for Moms to Pamper Themselves This Winter


It is easy for moms to get stressed out over the winter. The busyness of the holidays combined with the feelings of being cooped up at home can cause even the most organized and calm mothers to feel isolated and anxious. In order to combat these feelings, you need to be diligent about taking care of your own needs. Here are 5 ways for moms to pamper themselves this winter.

Start a New Fitness Routine

Just because it is winter, it does not mean that you cannot start a new fitness routine. You owe it to yourself to devote time each week to your own physical health. If your local gym has free childcare, you would be wise to take advantage of this and grab a workout a few times a week. You will be amazed at how much your mood improves after just a short time in the gym working up a sweat.

You can also head outside for some fresh air and exercise. Even a short walk outside will feel like a pampering experience if you have been shut indoors all day. You will not regret bundling up and heading outdoors for a little self-care.

Boost Your Appearance and Self-esteem

Nothing will make you feel more pampered than making your physical appearance a priority. It is tempting to neglect your appearance when you are focused on your family. Your self-esteem will soar if you take the time to indulge in spa and beauty treatments on a regular basis. There are numerous ways that you can approach this, depending on your own personal needs and preferences. A non-surgical facelift is an easy and non-invasive way to deliver a more youthful appearance. This type of procedure is also useful in treating a wide variety of skin conditions, including acne and hyperpigmentation.

Make Your Social Life a Priority

During the cold and short days of winter, your friends can be the lifeline that you need to make it through the season. Getting together with friends will feel like an indulgent experience every single time that you make it happen. This may feel like much more of a challenge due to COVID restrictions and people needing to stay at home. But there are ways you can still hang out virtually. Consider getting a group of friends together over a zoom call to bake cookies together, or discuss a book. 

It is easy for women to neglect their own social life when they are in the trenches taking care of their families. To prevent this from happening, set a time aside each month to get together with friends. Regardless of it is an indulgent lunch, time at the spa, or simply meeting for happy hour drinks or a cup of coffee, this time away will do wonders for your emotional health.

Take Time for Self-Care at Home

You do not need to leave the house just to pamper yourself. With a little creativity, you can practice self-care in the comfort of your own home. Shutting yourself in your bathroom for a long and luxuriating bubble bath can go a long way in boosting your overall mood.

Or perhaps you want to hand the kids over to your partner or a trusted friend so that you can crawl in bed and lose yourself in the latest best-selling novel? Even something as simple as a nap or glass of wine to end the day can improve your overall mood and relax your mind as you plow through the winter season.

Pamper Yourself with the Little Things

Do not feel as if you need to spend a fortune to treat yourself. Sometimes it is the little things that will make you feel pampered and taken care of. Buying a bouquet of fresh flowers every week will make you smile every time that you walk into the room. Or maybe you just need to treat yourself to that delicious latte once per week after you drop the kids off at school? These little things will add up over time, boosting your spirits and helping you to get through the drab winter months. Do not feel guilty about doing the little things that will elevate your day and your mood.

It may be tempting to put your own needs on the backburner during this busy time of the year. However, you will do a much better job taking care of your family if you take the time to care of yourself. You deserve all of the pampering that you can get this winter.

By Samantha Higgins


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