A Quick Primer For Parents On Things You Need To Know By Age And Stage

As a new parent, you are understandably overwhelmed with the task ahead. After all, how are you possibly going to raise this adorable infant into an independent adult? The answer is that you will do it one age and one stage at a time. And while it would be impossible to cover everything you should know in one post, here are a few things to keep in the back of your mind as your journey begins.



Stage I: Infancy and Toddlerhood

Safety is one of your top concerns here. After all, a baby can’t protect themselves, and a toddler is the single most curious creature on the planet. 

Stage II: The School Years

Great, you’ve raised them to the point where they can walk, communicate, and are potty-trained. Once it’s time to send your children off to school, you can start to worry about the big wide world. 

Stage III: Teen

As your child enters high school, they are stuck between being an adult and being a kid. This is an extremely stressful time in their life, but you can help them get through it with their sanity intact.

You can’t protect your child from everything. But you can look ahead and get yourself prepared to route them in the right direction. From keeping them safe in your home to helping them stay well to encouraging them to make good decisions about study habits, it is your responsibility as a parent to empower your children to live a safe, whole, and healthy life.

By Gwen Payne

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