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We created this Activities Advent Calendar so that you could spend more time as a family having fun creating Christmas memories and traditions together rather than focussing on more stuff.  Similar to a traditional Advent calendar, this one helps you count down to Christmas during the month of December but instead of getting the usual things, like a chocolate or toy, you share a family experience together or spread joy to someone else. 

The best part is that you can do most things at home or in your neighbourhood and they don’t have to cost much or anything at all. Each activity is designed to be fun and easy for all ages, you can do them with as many family members as you like. We hope that this inspires you and your family to spend time together and that this will become a great family tradition to repeat every year.




The DIY Activities Advent Calendar is a simple concept and fun to make.

  1. Print out the card covers on cover stock or thick paper.
  2. Print out the activities. There are 33 activities to chose from and some cards for you to write your own activities so you can mix and match. You will only need 24 activities in all.
  3. Match whichever activity you think that you would like to do on each date based on your own family’s schedule and the actual days of the week that they fall on.
  4. Assemble the cards with the activity inside.  You can glue them inside and seal them with stickers. You can use little clothes pegs and string them up anywhere, like we do or arrange them in a box by date.
  5. Count down to Christmas with your beautiful inspiring advent calendar.

Print Your More Time Moms Advent Calendar Here!

Advent Calendar Activities moretimemoms

Advent Calendar Covers moretimemoms

Mom’s Tip:

If your schedule gets out of control and you can’t bake cookies or go anywhere, switch out that activity for a more sedentary Netflix and Chill or Read and Cuddle.  No one will know you have pulled a switcheroo before the day of.


Here is another Christmas Free Printable that you might enjoy. The Four Gift Rule:


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