Energy Bills Through the Roof? Here Are 4 Fixes

Your energy bills will naturally fluctuate as the seasons continue to change, but those fluctuations shouldn’t break the bank. If your energy bills are becoming unmanageable, then it might be time to consider a few upgrades and fixes around your home that could improve its efficiency.

1. Service the HVAC Unit

Modern residential HVAC units tend to be very durable, but those devices must still stand up to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture, and constant use. In most homes, it is a good idea to have the HVAC system inspected and serviced at least twice a year. With regular maintenance and service calls, you will be able to extend the life of the HVAC unit. This will also lower your risk of a breakdown when it is needed the most.

2. Replace Old Light Bulbs

Older incandescent light bulbs are very inefficient, and they can even increase the ambient temperature inside a room by a few degrees. That is why you should think about replacing any older light bulbs in your home with modern LED bulbs. Those bulbs are much more efficient because most of the electricity that they pull in goes toward producing light instead of heat. Some of them will also last for 100,000 hours or longer, and that means they won’t need to be replaced for years.

3. Upgrade the Appliances

If your appliances are more than a decade old, then they could be using up quite a bit of energy as well. Many of the appliances that are currently on the market were designed to be as efficient as possible as well as durable. Switching up to a high-efficiency refrigerator, washer, and dryer could end up saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

4. Fix or Replace the Roof

Your roof is integral to your home’s efficiency, and it is another key area to check if your energy bills are skyrocketing. Every type of roof is slightly different, but that area of the home must usually be replaced at least once every 20 to 40 years. Luckily, a roof replacement company should be able to finish that project within just a few days, and many of those contractors offer excellent warranties on their roofing materials.

Checking these few areas of your home is a great start, but there may come a point when you should think about working with a home inspector. One of those professionals can find other problematic areas of your home and create a list of changes that could potentially save you money.

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