Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids After the Pandemic

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While everyone is excited about the pandemic coming to an end, this difficult period has encouraged many families to prioritize healthy habits. Here are four healthy habits you should keep teaching your kids, even after the pandemic is over.

Hand Washing

Washing your hands is one of the first steps to a healthy body. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it clear that an alarming number of people never made washing their hands correctly a habit. It is vital to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Drying your hands well is also essential for your hygiene. Handwashing is a great habit to encourage your kids to continue, especially during flu season.


The pandemic was a rough time for many people’s mental health. In addition to simply worrying about the risks of illness, it was often isolating. There was an extreme change to the daily routines and lifestyles of families all across the world. Because of that, it was crucial to prioritize self-care. 

People had to learn to find activities that would boost their mental health. Sadly, many children and adults do not have the skills to monitor their mental health and know what to do to get out of a slump. Self-care and mental health awareness is not only a great habit to teach your kids, but a life skill that will serve them well and lead to happy lives.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are surprisingly helpful, even outside of the pandemic. During flu season, doctors will often recommend wearing surgical masks for extra safety. If your kids are easily susceptible to the flu, it is a good idea to get them in the habit of wearing masks again. While they are not always the most fashionable, they ensure safety from a variety of airborne illnesses. 

You also might teach your kids to wear masks in public when they have a cold or allergies that make them sneeze. Additionally, you can encourage them to wear a mask in places where they could come into contact with a lot of germs, such as airports or public transportation.

Digital Connections

Finally, this pandemic has taught everyone what works and what doesn’t work in digital communication. While you may be sick of Zoom meetings by now, it is a much better way of staying in touch with friends and family than just checking social media. Especially if you have family members who live far away, digital communication may be the only viable way to spend time with them. Showing your kids how to make meaningful digital connections is a valuable habit to continue.

Hopefully, these are four habits your family will continue working on, even when the pandemic is over. They focus on crucial aspects of physical health, interpersonal skills, and mental health that will help your kids for a long time.

By Anita Ginsburg
Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University, and now writes articles about health, business, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can follow her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.
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