How to Organize the Family Bathroom To Keep it Smelling Fresh

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If there’s any room in your home that you want to make sure remains clean and sanitary, it’s definitely the bathroom. After all, it’s the one place in the home that you use in order to fully clean yourself. However, if you’re not consistent with keeping the area clean, your bathroom can easily smell like a zoo. When you add children to the mix, it can become the last place that you’d like to enter. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can keep things smelling fresh and clean when you’re sharing a bathroom with children. Consider the following tips.

1. Do a Daily Wipe-Down

When tidying up the area on a consistent basis, a little bit of effort can go a long way. If you all are at home during the day, do a daily wipe-down of the bathrooms after lunch. It doesn’t need to be a deep-cleaning process. You can leave the deep-cleaning session for the weekends. Each day, soak a few paper towels in a potent cleaning solution. Wipe down the surfaces of the sinks, toilets and trash can lids. Spray some cleaning solution inside of any toilet bowls. Do a quick cleaning of toilet bowls with a toilet bowl brush. It’s a very quick process that doesn’t have to be longer than five minutes. When done on a daily basis, those five minutes can make a major difference in the way your bathroom looks and smells.

2. Use Toilet Drops

Throughout the day, the toilet gets used multiple times. This is why it’s great to have solutions that freshen the toilet in spite of its usage.

Purchase toilet drops  that you can put in the toilet a few times a week. By the end of the day, the toilet drops will continue to release essential oils that smell good. Even when the bathroom has been regularly used, those toilet drops will be able to permeate through the air.

3. Hang a Bouquet of Eucalyptus

At the start of the day, everyone takes their showers. If you hang a bouquet of eucalyptus from the showerhead, the heat and steam will encourage the disbursement of its essential oils throughout the air. Not only does it smell fresh and clean, but it also provides therapeutic and medicinal benefits to the senses. Just be sure to replace the bouquets every three weeks to avoid a rancid smell.

4. Allow Fresh Air In

If you have windows in the bathroom, open them on a daily basis. This allows fresh air to circulate throughout the room. If you don’t have windows in your bathroom, open the window that’s near the bathroom. Open the bathroom door to allow the fresh air in.

As you utilize these tips on a regular basis, it’ll become instinctual for your family to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom. Even small children learn by example. When they’re old enough to help out, they’ll know what to do.

By Brooke Chaplan

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