Why Moms Need a Summer Bucket List


Why Moms Need a Summer Bucket ListIt’s early days of summer vacation over at my place and my youngest just said the B word (bored). Ugh. I reminded him that he had been waiting for this for awhile, then reeled off a list of projects for him. Needless to say, he sulked off to his room and ended up playing with his Flick Trix finger bikes. We are definitely organizing a family meeting to discuss the summer holidays and what they will look like with my work-from-home schedule. And I also want to hear what they want out of them as well – that’s where the summer bucket list comes in.

Many moms juggle work and vacation time and many are at home with their kids every day. Either way, we all have some anxiety about how our summer is going to pan out and how we are going to accomplish everything we need, and want to do. So set yourself up for a great summer with your kids no matter what you’re doing and make a summer bucket list.

When I first chatted with my daughter about a list, she reeled off a few of her must-dos: get a limited-edition Frappuccino before the end of summer, go swimming at one of our favourite secluded lakes, visit the Adventure Zone, see a local artist at the art gallery, and shop the farmer’s market. I was surprised at how straight-forward and achievable her list was. I was expecting bigger wants – things that would be harder to make happen. And what was even cooler, many items were free or almost free. Bonus.

Creating a summer bucket list helped me see what’s important for my kids. Most of their items were simple things they associated with summertime, like swimming at the lake or camping with friends. The list also reiterated that kids crave family traditions because they help to create happy memories, so make sure to add some of these to yours. Making the list also took some pressure off of me too, because I felt I could make these things happen for them. It’s the perfect launch pad for fun summer days ahead and you can slot them in whenever you have free time with your kids.

Create Your Own Family Summer Bucket List

So, what’s your plan this summer? Whether you’re with your kids the entire Why Moms Need a Summer Bucket Listtime or only on weekends, I’m sure you want to have fun with them and make memories. For kids, it’s usually time spent with family and friends that makes them the happiest. So get on your bike, jump in the lake or try something new with them this summer. And don’t forget to put it on your bucket list!

Get our Family Summer Bucket List  with great ideas and a DIY printable Family Summer Bucket List that your kids can fill out too!



Why Moms Need a Summer Bucket List

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