Pet-Friendly Family Vacation Ideas

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Summer is almost here, and planning the perfect vacation has typically already begun. If you are a pet parent and wondering where to take your entire family for a much-needed break, there are some fantastic options available for you. To help you get started on your planning, compiled below are some great ideas for your next family vacation.

Road Trip

Planning a road trip with your furry family members can be a fantastic adventure. As you may already be familiar, one of the most challenging aspects of going on vacation with a pet can be figuring out how to transport them to your destination. And even in the best of circumstances, worrying about airline policies and hoping for the best can be extremely stressful. However, by driving to your destination, you can take your pet with you and take as many pit stops as needed along your journey.

Moreover, one of the greatest parts of planning a road trip as a vacation is that it gives you the most flexibility with your time. You are often able to see a variety of attractions throughout your journey. Also, you are in a much better position to decide how long or short you want your stay to be in a particular location. And if your plans change or you find out about a great site or adventure that’s a couple of hundred miles away, you may make changes to your plans quickly and easily.

Enjoy the Beach Life

Spending a week or two on a beach is what most would consider an amazing way to spend vacation time. Beaches have just about everything you need to relax, such as calming waves, sun, sand, and time to swim. And if you are really lucky, you might just find a beach with a great café that can provide refreshments from dawn until dusk.

Bringing along your pet to this type of vacation gives you both plenty of time to relax. Many beaches are dog friendly, and as long as you clean up after yourselves, you are likely to remain open to pet parents. Additionally, with all of the open space, you both can manage to get in some time to partake in watersports with the whole family.


Camping is one of the most go-to vacations because it is incredibly affordable and offers various options for every member of the family. You can choose from luxe camping trips that offer almost hotel-like accommodations to more rustic options that feature a traditional tent and warming food by the fireside, camping can bring a family closer together. For example, camping in Maine is particularly appealing because it offers amazing hiking and good weather during the summer months. Ultimately, it offers a little something for everyone and can provide incredible views, depending on your location.

If you decide to go camping, you will need to ensure you do a bit more planning, as you will need to have all of your gear with you to avoid paying for overpriced equipment once your trip has started. When packing, think about the various activities you plan to do while you are traveling. For instance, are you more interested in having a glamping experience where everyone has their own bed and easy access to a stove for cooking? Or would you prefer to rough it a bit and sleep underneath the stars in sleeping bags? Talking through these ideas with your family can help you get a better idea of the type of trip everyone imagines so you can customize your trip.

Also, no matter what type of camping trip you envision, you might want to make sure you bring along the essentials. Most people who end up camping will do at least a few outdoor excursions. With that in mind, bringing along hiking shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, swimwear, and hats help you be extra prepared for any adventure that comes your way during your travels. Look online for additional information on camping and mistakes to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your pet is going to be a great experience. Now that you have some ideas and tips from above, you are better able to plan your dream vacation. Remember to pack the necessary essentials and enjoy every moment of your getaway!

By Rayanne Morris

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