Quirky Winter Sports to Try With The Family

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Wintertime is a terrific opportunity to do things that aren’t available the rest of the year unless you live on the Arctic shelf. And winter sport hybrids are reshaping the concept of playing when it’s cold. We have some winter sports you should try.

If you can get past the bitter cold, wintertime is a blast. It is the only time of the year where you can make memories playing games and doing activities in the snow. And as it becomes the favorite time of year for many people, and regular winter sports become a little mundane, new hybrids and adjustments to summer sports have taken over.

The most popular winter sports are still hockey and skiing/snowboarding, but if you take a walk into a winter sports store, you might see some new items that are not common to cold-weather activities. And you can get a lot of them online as well. For instance, you can get the best sports equipment on gym-expert.com for just about all winter sports.

Some New Reindeer Games

If you are ready to experience the colder months in a whole new light, or maybe you need to get out of the house and play some winter sports games, take a look at this list, and perhaps we have your next chilly opportunity. And don’t forget to get your winter sports insurance.

1) Ski Ballet

This beautiful activity that was very popular in the ’70s has made a comeback, and for families, can cause a few laughs and some good clean fun. Imagine dad dancing clumsily on the ice. Or mom pretending she is a ballerina. It can make for some very humorous memories.

2) Snow Tubing

This is just plain fun. Time your run individually or race down a hill on ski-biscuits that are waxed to handle the snowy terrain. Snow tubing is a time-honored activity that parents and kids will enjoy.

3) Modified Biathlon

An Olympic sport that combines cross country skiing with riflery, a biathlon that is more family-friendly can be a blast. Start with a snowy trail, set up some targets, and get those air rifles ready. You kids will wear themselves out, and the trust you give them with the air rifles will improve your bond between parent and child.

4) Snow Scooter

For the maneuverable steering of a bicycle and the clean gliding efficiency of a snowboard, this fun idea combines both. It is like a scooter, with handlebars attached to a snowboard, allowing the user to guide themselves without having to torque their ankles to steer.

5) Ice Karting

One of the best winter sports high school-age kids enjoy, ice karting is essentially driving a go-cart on the ice. There is no notable change in the equipment except a different type of tires that grip the ice better than traditional cart slicks.

6) Glacier Hiking

Winter isn’t just about the snow; it is also about the ice. And if you live in a place with large glacial ice formations, taking a nice high-impact stroll on a hiking trail aside a glacier can be a lovely way to spend the day. Just don’t forget to bring plenty of water, and an ice ax, You never know when you have to climb over some of that icy stuff.

7) Night Skiing

Sure, skiing during the day is fun, but skiing at night is a whole other adventure. When the sky is dark and the powder is light, the transitions change the experience, especially if you like to jump berms and ramps built into the slopes. It feels like you are about to blast off into outer space. And they are well lit, so this is perfectly safe for the kiddos.

8) Shovel Racing

A blast for all kids, this only requires a snow shovel and a brave soul to ride it down a hill. But this isn’t just for the little ones. There are shovel racing championships where adults ride shovels down hills in excess of 70 miles an hour.


Baby, it’s cold outside, so let’s throw on a parka and some mittens and have ourselves a good time. Just because it’s a little chilly doesn’t mean the fun is gone until spring. It only takes some imagination, some guts, and of course, childlike enthusiasm for adventure and innovation. Have you ever played a version of the traditional wintertime activities?

By Rachel Burns

Rachel Burns has been writing on topics related to fitness and healthy eating for 2 years now. As a mother, she really appreciates the ease of raising children with her advice. Rachel specializes in plant-based diets. In addition to nutrition, she is also an exercise enthusiast.


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