Relocating Your Family? 4 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust

Moving can be an exciting adventure to take with your family. However, children often tend to focus on the smaller aspects that might be negative. They will be leaving their school, friends and a sense of belonging. There are many ways you can help to make the move an exciting experience for them and help them adjust well to their new environment.

Stress the Excitement of Moving before the Move Itself

Getting ready for the move can be a stressful process on both you and the kids.

However, you can make pre-move things like the trip to look at homes for sale, the packing process, and even the farewell process fun by showcasing your excitement. This is the time to go above and beyond to make these tasks exciting for your children. For example, take time out of the trip to find your next home exciting by planning some fun events along the way. Naturally, saying goodbye to friends and classmates will be one of the most difficult parts. You can throw a farewell party or barbecue to help your kids make a wonderful memory before the move.

Set an Example by Getting Involved in the New Community

As soon as you get to your new destination, set a strong example for your kids by diving right in to get involved in your new community. Many people put this off and focus on unpacking and settling in. Remember that there will be time for that. Make time to get involved in a local club, church or organization right away. One of the easiest ways to help your kids settle in is by to make new friends yourself. Ideally, friends with kids similar to their own age can be an excellent way to set up group activities or playdates (depending on your children’s age).

Take a Staycation in Your New City

A “staycation” is just a fun way to explore your city the way a tourist would. In your first few weeks where you basically are a tourist. Set up a full weekend of fun activities to explore the city. Find new restaurants, take a bus tour, visit top local attractions, and find top local destinations. This will help your kids start to envision their new life in the city and will spark ideas for additional activities they want to do in the future.

Let Your Child Express Their Feelings

Finally, be open to allow your kids to express their feelings about the move. Taking time to ask them about their feelings will allow them to feel heard.

Moving is a major adjustment for any child. These are just a few of the ways that you can help your kids adjust positively to their new environment and make the move a pleasant experience. The most important thing you can do is keep an open dialogue going with the whole family about the move. This can be done through family meetings or dinners out.

By Emma Sturgis

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