Single Socks Make Good Rainy Day Crafts.

My laundry room is a magical place.  You don’t believe me?  Well, then explain what, aside from magic, would make my socks disappear.  Of course, some prefer to blame the washing machine and its insatiable hunger for socks; single socks that is, never a pair.  But regardless of what causes this phenomenon, there is one thing I know for sure; I am always left holding one lone sock.

Even on those days when both my socks find their way back from the laundry room, they never seem to stay together.  So, aside from tossing what would otherwise be perfectly good socks, what does one do with all of those single socks?  The best option that I can think of is to get the kids on board and make sock puppets.

By adding pom-poms, buttons, play jewelry and scarves; your otherwise boring sock takes on a life and character of its own.  If you have a lot of time on your hands (which most of us don’t), you can always sew the stuff on.  But helping out is a lot easier for the little ones if you use glue.

My favorite “hair” piece for sock puppets is pretty simple.  I cut about 10 to 20 same length pieces of yarn and place them evenly, length-wise, on a table, one piece on top of the other.  Then, I tie up the center with a small piece of yarn.  Once the center has been determined and tied, I proceed to braid each side.  Once my braids are completed, I attach the center to the top of my sock puppet.  Add a hat or scarf and voila!!

The possibilities are endless and of course, the fun doesn’t have to stop once the puppets have been made; putting on a show is the best part.


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