A Staycation Spring Break Bucket List for Moms

Hey moms, are you ready for spring break, or are you still trying to decide what to do? If you’re short on time, money, or inspiration this year, More Time Moms has you covered with our Spring Break Staycation Bucket List for Moms.

We know that travelling during the break may not always be feasible when you have young ones, kids with different breaks, a challenging job schedule, or not enough pennies in the penny jar. But, it’s okay! You can still have a ton of fun in your own backyard – literally! Read on to find out how to fill up the family calendar with some fun ideas.

1. Visit an indoor waterpark or theme park that’s within a day’s driving distance. Book a room so you can maximize your play time, go out for dinner and explore the area.

2. Go camping! Depending on the age and intrepidness of your children, you can pretend you are adventurers and camp out in your own backyard. If spring is colder where you live, take the tent inside and pitch it in your basement or living room. Bake s’mores in the oven, cook dinner on the grill, tell ghost stories in the dark, and cuddle up in your sleeping bags.

3. Dine out at a different restaurant every day. Let kids choose their favourite meal and restaurant or plan to eat only at restaurants that are new to your family, if it’s possible. Or eat your way around the world by choosing a different ethnic cuisine each day. If you are on a tighter budget, put a meal plan together so that you can travel around the world at home and enjoy making meals together at home.  Try More Time Moms Family Meals recipes to enjoy Mexican, Italian, French, Greek and Asian-inspired meals that are easy on the budget. You can enhance family meal time by talking about cultures and traditions in each of these countries.

4. A fun idea for little ones is to try a different playground each day. Reach out to fellow moms on social media to find out what their favourite neighbourhood parks are. Pack a picnic lunch, take a drive to the next town over and let the kids loose. Grab a late afternoon ice cream to top the day off perfectly (well, maybe not every day)!

5. Explore arts, culture and heritage by letting the kids choose their favourite, local museum, art gallery, library or heritage site. Be a tourist in your own town – there are always places you haven’t visited yet, or ones that are totally worth revisiting.

6. Take on a family project. Have your kids been asking for a play structure in the backyard or wanting to paint their rooms? Consider spending your week working together on a project to improve your home. You’ll spend quality time together, and have something to be proud of by the end of the week!

7. For active and adventurous children, be inspired by the great outdoors and organize physical activities such as local hikes, bike rides, ziplining, horseback riding, fishing and more.

8. Sports fans will love you forever if you get tickets to a sporting event like baseball, soccer, hockey or anything that is happening in your area. If there isn’t a major league nearby, take them to see a local farm team or varsity game.

Moms, we hope some of these bucket list ideas have motivated you to start planning your spring break staycation now. Staycations are a ton of fun and a less expensive alternative to going on a big trip. Plus, lasting memories are created when you spend quality time together, no matter where you go.

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