Tips for Giving Your Teen A Perfect Pandemic Birthday Party

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The unfortunate COVID19 outbreak has made many changes in all aspects of people’s lives on a global level. Even though we cannot celebrate different happy occasions the way we wanted, we can still make an effort to honour a special day. It’s important not to overlook special occasions even in the pandemic crisis, but rather to adjust them. This is especially crucial when it comes to the youngest ones, kids, and the most sensitive ones, our teens. So, if you have a teenager with an upcoming birthday during the current state of the pandemic, take a look at some timeless birthday party ideas in quarantine. These will surely put a smile on your teen’s face!



  1. Throw a virtual birthday party

When it comes to some basic tips on organizing a birthday party during a pandemic, we must be aware of the situation. The whole world is practicing social distancing as an effective way to protect themselves from the dangerous virus. Hence, we are not exactly in the position to organize birthday parties the way we used to. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do something to make our teen happy. So, if your teens like parties, why not throw a virtual one? You can hire somebody to be a host and actually be the ‘manager’ of the party and invite friends to join in via Zoom perhaps, or some other app. This could be something fun for your teen. 

  1. Hire a DJ online

You can also organize a slightly different virtual party and make it more like a dancing party, with the help of a popular DJ. Depending on the pandemic safety guidelines that are effective in your city, region or country, you can perhaps invite a friend or two to your home. The rest of your friends can also meet in a smaller number in their own houses and then you can all join in together virtually. You can ask for some particular songs and you can even organize mini dance-off competitions. 

  1. Make special memories

The recent coronavirus outbreak has taught us that we should use our time better and that life is short and we should make it memorable as well as enjoyable. How can you apply that to your teenager’s birthday? Well, if your teen appreciates photography and likes making unforgettable memories by capturing some moments in physical form, then you should think about how to make that happen. For example, one popular way to do it is to hire some awesome photography backdrops and make some amazing photos. You can dress up, make funny faces, and take photos in different poses and so on. You can make it a whole-family-all-day birthday photo session. The backdrops will make your photos lively, cute, and life-like.

  1. Invite friends to a TikTok party

There are so many popular fun applications for teens out there – surely, we haven’t heard about all of them, but you’ve probably come across TikTok. It is an incredibly popular application with teens. What does it do? It is a video-sharing social networking site, used to create short music, dance, comedy, talent, lip-sync videos that last from 3 to 15 seconds. You can use the app as the center or theme of your teen’s birthday party. The birthday teen can then challenge his or her friends to make TikTok videos. They can even come up with their own birthday hashtag. It would truly be a unique virtual birthday party they will remember. 

  1. Have a birthday game night

If your teen and his or her friends are into some computer games such as Minecraft or Fortnite, why not make a game night birthday party? Your teen can host this party and play games online with friends, while at the same time chatting, video-charting, or texting each other. It doesn’t have to be a computer game night, in fact. It can be a quiz or any other type of game online night. 

Final Words

It appears that we have to be much more creative now, in this current outbreak situation if we want to organize a birthday party for our teen. These are just some of the ideas to get you thinking. Have in mind what your teen likes, talk with him or her, do your online research and we’re sure you’ll manage to organize an awesome party they’ll be thankful for. 


By Mia Ackerson

Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based freelancer who is interested in beauty, gardening, baking, and cooking, interior design, home improvement, business, and technology! You can follow her on Twitter.

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    My niece’s birthday is fast approaching, and since she loves painting, we have decided to start looking for a speed painter that will be able to perform on her special day. Well, I agree with you that we can invite a few of her friends and hire an online DJ. We’ll also keep in mind to have a popular backdrop where her friends may take photos.


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