What Dads Really Want for Fathers Day and Free Printables

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Hey there, Moms, Partners, and kids. Are you trying to figure out what to get Dad for this Father’s Day? We know that you are organized and probably have this taken care of along with a hundred other things that you are juggling but if you are still trying to figure something out, we have you covered.

One of our most popular posts was what to get Moms for Mother’s Day that they really want, so we thought that we would follow it up with something for Dad for Father’s Day. Stick with us, we have some great ideas straight from our own dads that won’t break the bank and we have a free printable that you will love to fill out with the kids and that you and Dad will cherish for years to come.



What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

  1. Sleep
  2. Day free from nagging, chatting and questions
  3. Break from Chores and To Do Lists
  4. Break from screaming kids
  5. Control of the remote control
  6. Beer with lunch
  7. Nap
  8. Play with tools in the garage
  9. Beer with dinner
  10. Sex (even a quickie) to make his day!

From Dads everywhere

Free Printable Keepsakes for Father’s Day

Here are a couple of free printables to help with the homemade cards. Kids say the darndest things and these make the best keepsakes for Dad. Psst, we made one for Grandpas because we love him too!

Father’s Day Free Printable for Dads: My Dad and Me

Father’s Day Free Printable for Grandpas: My Grandpa and Me

Happy Father’s Day:)








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