When it’s Good for Your Kids to Spend Time Outdoors

As the temperatures continue to get warmer, it’s always nice to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Plus, a healthy dose of Vitamin D is good for the body and the mind. However, it’s always important to be mindful of the time your children are spending outside for multiple reasons. Consider the following reasons why it’s important to watch the outdoor time and when your children should retreat indoors.

Check the temperatures

While the temperature might say that it’s currently 75 degrees at 10 am, the weather can easily change. If it’s 95 degrees at noon, you don’t want your children outside. When they’re exerting energy and playing, they can end up getting drained because of the heat. Heat strokes and sicknesses due to heat exhaustion are real. Knowing this, be mindful of the temperature every time your children ask if they can play outside. Even when it’s an acceptable temperature, make sure that they’re fully hydrated.

Check the UV rating

The sun is such a powerful force. Though it’s millions of miles away, it can cause a lot of damage when it’s not taken in smaller doses. This is why it’s always important to check the UV rating. There are tons of apps and websites that provide the UV rating for your area. It’s also wise to wear sunscreen every single day. You can choose a spray option that is quick and convenient for children. However, when they’re getting ready in the morning, make sure sunscreen application (waterproof for days at the pool) is a part of the routine.

Check the air quality

The air quality in the area can be impacted by numerous components. If there is a local fire that’s brewing, this can directly impact the air quality. Humidity, rainfall and temperature also impact the air quality. If it’s bad, stay indoors. Furthermore, make sure the indoor air quality is good by maintaining a clean air filter and taking care of the AC repair when it’s time. Develop a green thumb, and maintain a few indoor plants to cleanse the air. Use an essential oil diffuser instead of plug-in fresheners that are filled with toxic chemicals.

Know local traffic patterns

If the children want to play in the evenings, make sure they’re staying off of the street during specific hours. A lot of people are driving home from work. In some countries and low-income neighborhoods, children are five times more likely to be killed in a traffic collision while they’re at play. If someone is speeding, this can lead to a tragedy. Choose areas and times where the traffic patterns are a lot lower.

Once you encourage your children to practice healthy habits, it’ll become more of a routine. These tips might seem like small nuances at first. However, when they help prevent your children from developing skin ailments, skin cancer or sunburn, you’ll be happy you made the shift.

By Meghan Belnap

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