Why We Love 30-Day Challenges For Moms

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more_time_moms_30day_challenges_newThe team at More Time Moms are big believers in 30-day challenges. We know they’re essential to helping kick start new behaviours and in getting rid of bad ones. So, why 30 days? Many believe that a month-long commitment is just the right amount of time to make a new habit stick, or to ditch something that’s not beneficial for us. It appears to be the magic number.

The draw of 30-day challenges is that they are a short enough time frame for a new goal to be appealing, while still long enough to be challenging. They offer a lot of flexibility in that they may be started whenever we want, so it’s always a good time to set new goals. In a nutshell, 30-day challenges are doable. We don’t have to make extreme changes to our lifestyles, like moving halfway across the world or becoming vegans (unless we really want to!)

30-day challenges let us experience new things, try different ways of living, commit to new hobbies and more. And the best part is, we can keep trying new challenges whenever we like, and if something doesn’t suit us, we haven’t made a huge time commitment or personal investment, so it’s easy to move on to the next challenge.

As fellow moms, we know it’s easy to be out of touch with ourselves because we’re so busy doing things for other people. 30-day challenges are a good way to bring the focus back to us. They help moms feel more empowered, gain more confidence, become healthier, be more adventurous, and find inner happiness.

Looking for a 30-Day Challenge to inspire you? Here are some of our favourite challenges. Use the star stickers from our best-selling products to track your progress.

30-Day “Me-Time” Challenge for Burned Out Moms
30-Day Book Challenge
30-Day Money Cleanse
30-Day Family Meals Challenge
30-Day Relationship Challenge
30 Days to the Ultimate Clean Home
30-Day Yoga Challenge
30-Day Kindness Challenge

And there’s even a 30-Day Napping Challenge!

Visit our Pinterest page to see all of our favourite challenges and remember that it’s never too late to improve yourself! Learning new things and letting go of old ways will help us to grow as human beings. And new challenges can help us get out of a boring rut and stay positive. Our daily habits are what help us to shape the life we want and move big things forward in small ways each day.

And no, we are never too old to start a 30-day challenge. As humans, we should always strive to be the very best version of ourselves, every day. And it doesn’t hurt that our spouses and children are watching as we work to improve our lives. They will see that our needs matter too, and that we can’t be good moms if we aren’t good women to start.

By Kristen Wint

30-Day Challenges for Moms


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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    30 day challenges rock! You can really get something accomplished when you do it for a whole month! Thanks for including my post! I can’t wait to try some of the others you featured!


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