10 Organization Tips for a Less Hectic School Year

organization tips more time momsFace it. No matter how organized you try to be, things always feel a little extra hectic when you are settling back into the school routine. I’ve compiled the following list of organization tips to help in the major stress areas. Remember to enlist the help of your children to take some of the pressure off mom and dad. Even the wee ones can assist in small ways – it’s never too early to learn that it takes a team approach to ensure a household runs smoothly.

1. Family Communication Station: Have a small, central area dedicated to the family calendar with a bulletin board nearby for permission slips, lunch money and more. The More Time Moms Family Organizer  is a wall calendar with the biggest squares to give you plenty of room to write, the best stickers to remind you of important events, and a pocket for bills and loose paperwork.

2. Backpack Stash Zone: Use your mudroom or front entryway to hang hooks on the wall near the door so kids can pop their backpacks onto them as soon as they get in.

3. Homework Station: Designate a distraction-free area where your kids can sit down and focus on homework to get it all done.

4. Family Routines: Family routines for meals and chores reduce family stress. Here are a few ideas to plan mealtimes and chores so things go a little more smoothly at your house.

5. Last Minute Reminders: Use sticky notes or magnets on the back of your front door to remind you of important things on your way out.

6. Stash Basket: Have a basket next to the door for out-going things the kids have borrowed from friends, the library, etc.

7. Declutter Time: Tidy up stuff that has accumulated over the summer months so you can start the school year with a clean slate. Read about some quick, simple ways to get your teen to clean and tips for cleaning with your kids with a little less whining and a lot more singing.

8. After-School Snack Station: Lay out some pre-portioned, delicious and nutritious foods on the counter for an after-school snack that will keep their blood sugar even and parents calm until dinnertime. Here are some sweet and savoury snack ideas.

9. Meal Plans: Use a School Lunch Planner to prep for the week ahead and enlist the help of your children to assemble healthy box lunches. Make weeknight dinners a breeze – feed your family with delicious, healthy meals in less time.

10. School Day Routines: Decide on before and after school routines with your family to clarify responsibilities and avoid upsets on school days. Children perform best within a structured environment. Back to School Tips and Free Printable Planner Pages

By Kristen Wint

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  1. Lynn L says:

    Being organized makes back to school so much easier

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