25 Fun Activities For Your Family’s Summer Bucket List

It’s that time again! Summer solstice brings a new level of stress and fun to the family home. The days are longer and the kids are out of school and now they are home all day. What’s a mom to do?

Last year one of our most popular posts examined the benefits of creating a summer bucket list for your family. Many moms juggle work and vacation time and many are at home with their kids every day. Either way, we all have some anxiety about how our summer is going to pan out and how we are going to accomplish everything we need, and want to do. So set yourself up for a great summer with your kids no matter what you’re doing and make a summer bucket list.

Gathering the kids and encouraging them to put together their own summer bucket list is a great activity to launch your summer fun. Ask everyone what is on their individual bucket list before you put together a family bucket list. Encourage bonus points for free activities and use the opportunity to talk about togetherness and don’t forget about budgeting.

Remind your kids and yourself that the most important things are not things. Try to think of some fun activities that will include friends, kids in the neighbourhood, extended family and grandparents so that everyone can see for themselves that community and family make up the best part of creating happiness.  Don’t forget about idle time. Learning to be alone with ourselves is an important part of self-development and down time is great for everyone, including mom and dad.

In honour of our 25th anniversary, we created 25 fun activities to add to your summer bucket list with an additional sheet to create your own family summer bucket list. So print off a list for all the kids and mom and dad to fill out and get started creating special family memories this summer.



You might also love to download our FREE 25th Anniversary Colouring book for rainy days and quiet time.



If you want some more ideas, be sure to check out  Why every Mom Needs a Summer Bucket List which includes many more free and almost free activities for your summer list.


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